Unfortunately Messaging Has Stopped

Unfortunately Messaging Has Stopped

Buletinup - The Android smartphone users of course have experienced this is that when an application is used to arrive even out suddenly or even hang and immediately stops kemuian pop up message containing "unfortunatelly messenger has stopped" or if using the Indonesian language is usually written "unfortunately the message has stopped "This is of course troublesome especially if you are in a state of importance to send SMS messages.

Unfortunately Messaging Has Stopped

unfortunately messaging has stopped

Appears Error messages and apps that suddenly stalled on Android smartphones unlocked strange things, of course many causes such as cache accumulation or junk files that have not been cleaned, viruses or applications that crash with the android OS system even if this may happen in the application others like playstore, facebook etc.

Overcoming the error message application and the message "unfortunately message has stopped" on HP Android actually is not too complicated, just by applying some simple tricks then the error can be overcome and of course this way can also be used for other applications that also arrived suddenly stops by itself. Okay below we have prepared the tips that you can use to overcome the error message appears "unfortunately the message has stopped" look good okay okay:

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The first tip is to clear the cache or junk files smartphone

For the first way of fixing error messages on your android phone. try to clear the cache files or junk files that have accumulated on the Android system so it must be cleaned. To clean it thoroughly you can use a cleaner application available on google playstore like Ccleaner or Clean master Dll you can download it and install it on smartphone to then use remove cache and dump files that accumulate on your System and RAM hp.

but there is also a manual way in addition to using additional applications that is by deleting it through the settings menu for the steps see stepnya below:

  • First click the settings menu / settings and after that click the app / apps search app running / running apps search and click messages / messages then search the clear cache / delete cache click and wait while the process of cleaning the cache done.

Second tip by deleting application data

The next way if the above method has been done but still the error message back meuncul is to delete the message application data, in this way of course the messaging application will be immediately resolved. NOTE by using the tips to delete this data, of course, data such as incoming messages or history messages and others will go erased but not delete the number HP. To do so see the steps below:

  • First you go to the settings menu on your android and start searching the apps / apps menu then find the running app and find the message / messenger then click on it and it will appear clear data / delete button please click and wait some time process.

Now by using 2 ways to overcome the error message has stopped above usually things the above error will disappear soon and you can type SMS freely without worry will come out suddenly or even Hang. But to improve the above tips is good after practicing both tips on the good you restart the smartphone used.

Note : that the above I use the ASUS zenfone 5 smartphone that has adopted android Lollipop OS to practice it, the possibility of some display will be different on HP tipa but of course stepnya still remain the same.


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