TrueCaller Online Number Search Script

TrueCaller Online Number Search Script

TrueCaller Online Number Search Script - You must have received a phone call from an unknown number, have not you? Sometimes, it is quite annoying and intriguing, especially if the phone number repeatedly contact you.

In response, some users often block the phone number. But do you know? Actually, there is a way to trace that phone number and recognize who is calling you. Curious about how? The following Journals Apps explain how to get information based on information obtained from several sources:

The trick is to use Truecaller application: Caller ID & Dialer. Truecaller itself is a Swedish company with a total of more than 85 million users worldwide.

TrueCaller Online Number Search Script

TrueCaller Online Number Search Script

The company provides a service called "Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer," a mobile application that can be used to identify unrecognized incoming calls so users can recognize who is trying to reach them before they are easily answered. That is, users can block unwanted phone numbers so they can not reach them again.

When a user receives a call from an unknown phone number, Truecaller will tell you how many users have marked that unknown or possibly unwanted phone number. This will help the user to know quickly whether the call is important to answer or not at all.

TrueCaller Online Number Search Script

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The mobile apps available for iOS, Android and web versions claim to have a data base that contains up to billions of previously identified phone numbers.

To be able to use it via smartphone, the previous user must first install the Truecaller application: ID & Dialer and also log on the mobile application. After login, then the next will appear four main tabs, namely Calls, Search, Block, and Contacts.

Then, to trace a phone number by number or name, users simply select the Search option that has been provided on the main tab of the app.

Furthermore, in addition to using smartphone devices, users can also use this Truecaller service using a web application by accessing in the browser application (browser). Then, to perform the identification process, the user simply enter the phone number you want to identify in a search field.

Furthermore, in addition to having an unknown phone number recognition function, Truecaller has some other interesting features. For example, you can also use Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus photos to change the look of the screen when friends and one of those on the contact list are calling you.

Truecaller is a useful mobile app for anyone who is bored with telephones from telemarketers or other unwanted phone numbers. If you have installed this mobile app, then you are guaranteed not to deal with any unwanted phone calls anymore.


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