How To Root Lenovo K3 Note

How To Root Lenovo K3 Note

How To Root Lenovo K3 Note - Now is the time I made an article on how to root Lenovo K3 Note. For those of you who want to root you can follow this article and read all the articles carefully because if you miss a few words maybe you will have trouble in the way your Lenovo K3 Note root.

Lenovo K3 Note smartphone that has an Octa core processor, 2GB RAM, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front with 3000mAh Li-Polymer battery. I myself am really impressed with this phone. If you have a Lenovo K3 smartphone and want to experiment with the root of your phone then you need to know the proper way to root Lenovo K3 Note. In this post I will disclose to you step by step how to root Lenovo K3 Note.

Before we proceed to the process of root Lenovo K3 Note, you must already know the impact and danger in rooting android smartphone, you can googling. Here I want to let you know that rooting your Android phone means you are violating the terms and conditions of the warranty. So understand that before you start rooting Lenovo K3 Note.

So how to root Lenovo K3 Note?
Note: Your Android root is in violation of the terms and conditions of the warranty, so your own risk. And this is only for Chinese version of Lenovo K3 Note, not for ROW version of Lenovo K3 Note.

To root Lenovo K3 Note, we first need to install custom recovery. Then we will flash SuperSu for root. Here is a guide for you to follow.

How To Root Lenovo K3 Note

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K3 Note:

Go to Settings >> About >> Opening Number and touch 7 times to open Developer Options. Then go back to Settings >> Developer Options and check on USB Debugging.

Step 2: Download and Install the Lenovo K3 driver Note On Kmputer / Laptop

Download and install the driver from here. After you install the driver then restart your PC, then connect the phone to PC via USB cable and wait until Windows configure. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled in this process. Once the configuration is complete, restart your PC again.

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Step 3: Download the tools required for Root Lenovo K3 Note below:

  • Download Lenovo K3 NOTE CWM
  • Download
  • Download ADB FASTBOOT

Step 4: Prepare the Files You Download Above

  1. Copy and paste the SuperSu Zip file into your phone's internal memory from your PC.
  2. Extrack / Unzip file named "Lenovo K3 Note CWM", Then you will find a file called recovery.img!
  3. Extract file Fastboot

 Step 5: Root Lenovo K3 Note

  1. Open the "ADB fastboot FILES" folder
  2. In the folder, hold down the "Shift" then right click and select "Open command Windows here". See the picture below, click to enlarge image to make it more clear. 
    How To Root Lenovo K3 Note
  3. The command prompt will open
  4. Connect your Lenovo K3 Note phone to your PC via USB cable, you will get a pop up on your phone, just allow it.
  5. Now at the command prompt, type "adb devices" and hit enter.
  6. If everything is correct, it will show a list of attached devices as shown below.
    How To Root Lenovo K3 Note
  7. Root Lenovo
  8. Now type "adb reboot bootloader" and hit enter.
  9. Then it will go into bootloader mode. Basically its fastboot mode.
  10. Now type "fastboot devices" and hit enter.
    How To Root Lenovo K3 Note
  11. If it works in fastboot mode, then the command prompt will say fastboot like the picture below.
  12. Next type "fastboot flash recovery".
    How To Root Lenovo K3 Note
  13. Then drag and drop the file "recovery.img" into the command prompt. This will show as shown below.
  14. Now press enter to flash file recovery.img.
  15. After the process is finished type "fastboot reboot" and hit enter.
  16. After booting up, unplug your phone from your PC / laptop.
  17. Now we need to access "CWM Recovery" so Power Off or switch off your phone.
  18. Next restart your phone by pressing Volume + and - then press hold Power button, means hold three buttons simultaneously.
  19. Release the button after you see something written in Chinese.
  20. Now you are in CWM recovery. To navigate, use the + and Volume keys - as well as the Power button to select.
  21. Set to English.
  22. Now select Install Zip then Choose Install Zip from / sdcard and fill in the Zip SuperSu file that you copied and pasted in step 4 above.
  23. Select the SuperSu Zip file, then choose Yes-Install to flash.
  24. Once done, just come back choose reboot the system to restart your phone.
  25. Now your Lenovo K3 Note smartphone has already managed root.

To check Smartphone Lenovo K3 Note you have successfully root or not directly to PlayStore, then download and install the application "Root Checker" and run aplikasinya.

That's how the root Lonovo K3 Note and install CWM Recovery. If you have questions about how the Android root Lenovo K3 Note above then you can ask through the comment field below, if I go online I will answer immediately. Good luck..!!


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