How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

Buletinup - Overheat on Android smartphones is a condition in which Android smartphone device you have excessive excessive heat that can be felt when gripped.

Things like this happen very often and it seems like almost all users of Android smarthphone devices have ever felt this.

The next question that arises is what causes the Android smartphone device to overheat?

Well, to answer the question, this time Jaka will explain some things that cause Android smartphone device overheated and how to overcome them.

Why Android is hot and How to fix it

Inside the Android smartphone device that we have a continuous movement of electrical currents that certainly cause heat so that the heat problem is not something that is not unusual.

However, in some conditions, Android smartphone will release more heat. This is due to several factors including:

The Cause of Android Smartphone Becomes Overheat

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

1. Overcharging

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

Overcharging is a condition that happens to your battery if you leave your Android smartphone in excessive charging condition (still in charging condition ** after reaching 100%).

For example when leaving your Android smartphone in charging before bed.

Surely this will make your Android smartphone receive excessive electricity (heat energy) and will propagate to the part of your smartphone made of heat conductor.

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2. Excessive Game Playing

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

When you're playing games, of course some components in your Android smartphone device like CPU, GPU and RAM will work simultaneously with a larger portion than if you use other applications.

Indeed, if only a few minutes, you will not be so feel the increase in heat that occurs due to you play the game (especially heavy games).

But if you've played the game for 1 hour or more, surely you will feel the heat that propagates across the surface of the smartphone device that actually comes from the CPU and GPU (greater load on GPU) you are working hard to remove excessive heat.

3. Multitasking Applications

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

In addition to playing games, running multiple applications at once that requires an internet connection is also another factor that causes your Android smartphone hot fast.

If gaming activities will put a greater load on the GPU resulting in excessive heat, then opening multiple applications at once will provide a greater workload on the CPU.

As we all know, the more work a machine gets, the more heat it generates.

4. Viruses and Malware

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

Virus and Malware can also be one cause your Android smartphone device overheat.

This is because both will continue to operate without you knowing in the background of your Android smartphone system to access various information.

Activities carried out viruses and malware will also come to burden the CPU work so that excessive heat, especially if coupled with the use of applications.

5. Using Smartphones When Charging

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

This is one of the things most people do. While using a smartphone when charging it will make your smartphone battery power becomes longer full (the battery still receives electricity).

While the battery continues to receive electrical energy, the components in your smartphone like the CPU will also continue to draw power from the battery.

Conditions like this cause both the CPU and the battery to release the heat that over time will accumulate and cause overheating on your smartphone device.

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

If you do not stop using the smartphone when charging (especially for heavy use such as listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and multitasking).

How To Overcome An Overheated Android Smartphone Solution

How To Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues

Actually how to solve the above problems is quite easy, you just need to do some of the following:

  • Do not leave your smartphone charging when going to bed to prevent overcharging.
  • If you enjoy playing games, you should play games for 30-45 minutes, then after that rest your Android smartphone device for at least 30 minutes, then use again.
  • Do not do too much multitasking applications, Jaka suggest just 3 course at a time.
  • Use additional applications to solve viruses and malware.
  • Make sure you do not use the smartphone when charging and you should turn off your device so that no components that work except batteries that receive electricity.

The final word

That's 5 reasons why your Android smartphone hot quickly, hopefully useful and Jaka advice if you want to avoid overheating on Android smartphones make sure not to use these beloved devices excessively.

Give your device rest for 15-30 minutes for normal use 1-2 hours.

Finally, see you later and make sure you leave a trail in the comment field and share it to your friends.


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