Download Root Genius For Mobile App v2.2.86 (RootGenius.apk)

Download Root Genius For Mobile App v2.2.86 (RootGenius.apk)

Download Root Genius For Mobile App v2.2.86 (RootGenius.apk) - a must indeed if a want to make modifications to his smartphone to root first. There are many cars that can be done by an Android user in his activities rooting process terhdapa handphonenya. Between one mobile phone with another mobile is not the same trip for root tutorial, therefore requires also a special way that must be done users.

But with the passage of time finally the many application developer vendors who have released a tool to make it easier from the rooting process in Android smartphones. One of the most sought-after tools for rooting is Root Genius.

Yes, the Root Genius app is a small tool developed and distributed by Chinese developer team "Shuame". For now this application has reached the position update 1.8.7 which in the update this time the application developers to add support options to the English language so that no longer use Root Genius confusing because it still uses the original language of China.

Download Root Genius For Mobile App v2.2.86 (RootGenius.apk)

For the current version of the developer Shuame also informs if Root Genius support also Android 4.4 KitKat so you who use Android KitKat can be happy because there will be nothing else that prevents your Android smartphone to get super user access easily.

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Well then how to use the Root Genius application itself? Hmmm .... do not worry because it is very easy to use Root Genius. First to start using Root Genius to root Android phone, first download the application Here.

After that you install the application just go in then and there will be a big green button display when it first reads China because Root Genius already supports English writing may have been in fox into English.

Well press the big button and then the root process will start, wait for the application Root Genius is doing the inspection of the components - components that exist in the smartphone system. If it has reached 100% and there is a button icon with thumbs up it means the rrot process succeeded.

It is very easy not does not require a PC, does not require a complicated arrangement make dizzy, and of course 100% safe. So how to choose another application for rooting your device?

So little information about Download Free Root Genius Free that I can say, there are more or less in the writing please forgive ya, see you back in the way and other interesting tips that will be coming soon for you, thank you.


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