Download Minimal ADB And Fastboot 1.4.3 (All Versions)

Download Minimal ADB And Fastboot 1.4.3 (All Versions)

Buletinup - On this occasion, Umahdroid will share about how to install ADB, Fastboot as detailed and complete as we can. Oh yes, this tutorial applies to all HP Android brands be it Asus, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, etc.

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a client-server program that allows users to communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android device.

With ADB, users will easily perform various actions during development.

For example, install and debug applications, and provide access that can be used to run various commands on the emulator or connected device.

Download Minimal ADB And Fastboot 1.4.3 (All Versions)

Android Debug Bridge has 3 components:

1. client, running on development machine
2. Daemon, as the background process on the emulator
3. Server, managing communication between client and daemon

what is fastboot

Beyond that, we can also restore the nandroid backups, replace the splash screen, and update the flash system.

Like ADB, fastboot is also a tool released in the Android SDK (software development kit) package as an alternative to recovery or installation updates.

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How to Install ADB on a Windows Computer

To install ADB and Fastboot in Windows is very easy. There are 2 applications that we can use here, namely AIO ADB Installer, and Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

Here we will discuss only one version of AIO (15 second ADB Installer) made by Snoop05 from XDA forum because more complete.

Features 15 Seconds ADB Installer

  • Small size 9.18 MB
  • The installation process is fast
  • Complete package (ADB, Fastboot, and Driver)
  • Secure

Installation process

  • Download 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3.exe
  • Right click on adb-setup-1.4.3.exe then select Run as administrator
  • Press Y / Yes to install ADB and Fastboot
  • Press Y / Yes to install the system-wide ADB
  • Press Y / Yes to install Drivers
  • Next in the Driver installation, click Next to complete (if the dialog appears Would you like to install chapter, select
  • done

Get started with Android

First enable USB Debugging on your HH by Go to Settings> About> Software information> tap Build number 7x until message developer babibu> Go back to Settings then open Developer options> Toggle Enable USB debugging> Done

Check ADB Computers

  • Connect Android smartphone to PC
  • Open CMD (Command Prompt), can with Windows + R key then type CMD
  • Once open, type the command adb devices
  • Look at your phone, tap OK in the Allow USB debugging confirmation dialog
Download Minimal ADB And Fastboot 1.4.3 (All Versions)

  • if the serial number appears, it has been successful (example above)
  • Done

Unread Device Problem

If the device is not detected it may be because:

  • ADB is not installed correctly
  • USB debugging off (disable)
  • Bug from USB 3

On the other hand, some users experience errors when running a command like this:
Download Minimal ADB And Fastboot 1.4.3 (All Versions)
Usually this happens because there is an Android emulator (Bluestack for example) that is installed on your computer kallian. To fix this try to uninstall Bluestacknya first and then repeat again.

If anyone is asked about ADB install steps, Fastboot please post them below. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting!


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