Chromebook File Manager Guide

Chromebook File Manager Guide - so much work we do especially gadgets, smartphones and laptops. Therefore, it is very important that there is an easy way to transfer files between your smartphone and Chromebook. Here is a complete guide from us to transfer files between your smartphone and Android Chromebook iOS.

1. USB Cable transfer

This way will only work for Android devices only, so the only option for users of iOS is the second way. Chrome OS supports MTP file transfers, which means that you can treat your phone's storage as external storage device and move the items such as the pen-drive or hard-disk. Here is how you can transfer files between your smartphone and Chromebook.

connect your smartphone with Chromebook using USB cable. After you connect your smartphone, you should see a notification to connect as a media device. then you Press it and make sure the device options (MTP) Media is selected.

Then in your application file Chromebook automatically appears showing the contents of the phone's internal storage.

Note xt1068 (model number of your phone) in the folder Explorer File Sidebar. You can access a folder in the phone's internal storage. If you have a SD card on the phone you will see another directory on the sidebar under the internal storage folder. All files in this folder will be saved so you can access your phone. You can copy and paste the file just as you would using a pen drive.

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Chromebook File Manager Guide

2. Using Xender

so many mobile applications that have been developed in the field of telephone data transfer. and some of them they support the transfer from your computer as well. The main benefit of such applications is that they can eliminate the need for a USB cable. For this tutorial, we'll use Xender to transfer files between smartphones and iOS Chromebook Android. Perfect for users of Xender Chromebook mainly because he was working on in the browser window, unlike other competitors.

And if you haven't done so already, install Xender app for Android or iOS. Then You open the app and press the Red rockets in the lower right corner.

Tap on the PC/Mac from option under the screen

If you do that, a window will open on your smartphone looks like this:

Please go to the URL that is already given on the screen ( using Chromebook. There should be a QR code (black box with some complicated pattern on it) on the screen Chromebook.

Press the Scan button the smartphone from Orange, then pointing Your camera phone to the black box on the screen of your Chromebook.

then your phone should automatically detect the black box, and window Chrome will be fresh, now displays the contents of your phone.

You can click on the various icons on the right sidebar to access pictures, movies, music, and other images that are stored on your phone. When you hover the mouse over the individual files, you can download to Chromebuk. The last icon on the right side of the panel is a file browser. This will give you access to all the files on your phone, just like the MTP.

The right side of the screen have a File Upload button allows you to select the file to transfer from Chromebuk to your smartphone.

You can use the power button on the top right corner of the card Ksender Chromebuk to disconnect Your phone from the chromebuk at the end of the transfer.

3. Google Apps Sync

If you're using an Android smartphone, Google automatically synchronize many things from Your smartphone with chromebuk. Assuming you use the same Google account for smartphone and chromebuk you. By installing Google applications as needed, you can synchronize and transfer files from Android and IOS smartphones for Your chromebuk. .

Calendar and Photos

You can use the Google Calendar application (IOS/Android) to set reminders on your smartphone and reminders will appear automatically on Your Chromebuk. Calendar application pre-installed on Your chromebuk. You can access it via the Launcher application.

Click the search button on the Chromebuk the keyboard, or click the search icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Open the Application Launcher window.

In the event the launch of applications, click applications. You can find the calendar application is installed on the mailbox of your application. If you can't find it, you can just go to to access your calendar.

You can also install the Google photos application on your smartphone. This application automatically backs up all of the pictures stored on the phone in the cloud so that you can easily access it from Your Chromebuk. You can open the application photo Google installed on Your Chromebuk or go to to get access to all the pictures of your smartphone through Your Chromebuk.

Other Files

You can transfer other files that you want from Your Chromebook smartphone or vice versa, use the Google Drive, Google Cloud storage platform. Make sure that the application drive (IOS/Android) installed on your smartphone.

Press the blue button in the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, you can upload a file or folder on your smartphone to Google Drive. Once loaded, the file will be accessed through the application files on the Chromebook. In the app file, go to the Google Drive. Under my drive, you should find the uploaded files via your smartphone. If you upload files to a specific folder in Google Drive, files available in a folder on Your Chromebook. In addition, these files will also be available at

This method seems to be relatively slow compared to other methods, but the only advantage of cloud is that the transmission of your data is backed up permanently in the clouds, so that you can access anywhere without hassle.


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