Voice Commands For The Future

Voice Commands For The Future

Voice Commands For The Future - Some people often talk about the technology of the present and the future. In the year 2014, IFA + Peak (one of the world's largest technology exhibition) is the place where foresight and trend will discuss the most important innovations and at any time. One of these innovations is the integration of technology into everyday life in a natural way through voice commands.

Voice Commands For The Future

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Talking about the future

For those of you who have never been, the IFS is the next space dedicated to trade shows Berlin TechEd IFS, that is bid'ah. In the great Hall, you can start, researchers, and industry experts who envision their ideas for the future. Some of the products presented are already on the market, such as modular intelligent lights on a sheet, the beginning of Germany.

Voice Commands For The Future

On a small stage, a start-up can now and announce your product, and there are a variety of them: wearables, virtual world, smart digital home, gadgets and health. There is also a large theatre in which representatives of well known companies are discussing technology and innovation.

Voice commands will be increasingly present in the future

The CEO's Alexa skills and sound services Europe faceted Sur, explained that voice commands are increasingly being used in the future. It took a while for us to get to the point today. First, it was only the computer that allowed us to access many types of services over the web. Then came the smartphone, where we were able to make the same move. And now we have almost everything comes with a voice command that can be accessed naturally and from anywhere.

Clear vision of the future: the voice is everywhere

Although until now, we have to learn the technology by learning to use it, for example, have a keyboard or a touch screen, but the sound is technology that adapts to us. We learn to talk about 3 years, and we always use it spontaneously throughout life. So why not use your voice to integrating technology into our live.

Voice commands are already integrated into daily life, but it will soon become the protagonist. Why sound technology now being created? With respect to Alexa, according to Fabrice Rousseau, there are three reasons:
  • Technology availability: The accuracy of speech recognition has improved dramatically over the past four years.
  • The presence of an open ecosystem that can be integrated into the device and anyone can develop new skills for Alexa.
  • Consumers are approaching the world and has integrated more devices with this technology.
The road now seems ready, and vision for the future is clear: voice commands is not confined to a single room and a wall around them, but it also extends to the car, headphones (bragging of having Alexa bragging rights with wireless Dash per the headphones), to integrate Alexa into their rooms to ensure that guests feel at home. Voice technology is everywhere and if it hasn't, it will soon.

Alexa is increasingly used by the manufacturer. Amazon not only integrated Intelligent Assistant at Echo and the latest devices available in the U.S., but also in products that already exist such as fire-TV. And then there's the new HTC U11, Harman Kardon Allure or anchors, and more.

Voice Commands For The Future

What you can do with the power of your voice?

Those who have read a few articles from us, or have tried Google Assistant or Alex, knowing voice commands that can be made. You can access news, music, games, settings of the connected device, shops and much more. Unfortunately, this does not affect all users because of the language barrier, but you could use Alex to read the news in the morning, call a taxi, adjust heater temperature of the House, and so on.

And setup in this area, as in the case of Android, not talking. You can use the "Hello" to automatically open the shutter and the start of the coffee maker. From "I'm in the House", living room and TV is automatically activated, and when I say goodnight, turn off all gadgets and you can sleep without going home to make sure all lights off.


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