Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands on - Samsung has a lot riding on the S8. Big phone launch last fall in the fire, the Apple iPhone 7 are set a record for sales without even a headphone jack, and to make matters worse now has fierce competition from Google. the company is certainly not Pixel away from the expectation though. The marketing of the S8 has bragged about rediscovering a smartphone that took it from our box designs using this medication to be, and they compromised.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On

In the media prior to the launch of the S8, Rory O'Neill from Samsung said that the phones have been limited by their design. A trade-off between getting a bigger screen that we all want without having to carry around a big phone.

S8, he said, all of that improvement. Two models of S8 and S8 +-suit big inches, 5.8 and 6.2-inch display in a slim package.

After some time with the S8 and S8+, it’s clear that Samsung has stepped up its game this year. But what is it like to use?

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On Review


Just by viewing the S8, you can see that Samsung has done something new. Aside from a few thin strips at the top and bottom (the camera should go somewhere), it's all the screen. The appearance of curved edges of the S7, which wraps around the sides, on both models and there is no key to the future, the first Samsung Samsung has stuck to a physical home button in a couple of years while others have left them, but the features of S8 pressure sensitive screen instead. Fingerprint readers have been moved to the back of the phone, on the side of the camera. In recent years, the bigger screen must mean the larger phones, but larger-screened S8 actually slimmer than its predecessor. S8 + significant narrower and just a smidgen higher than the iPhone or Google plus 7 pixels XL, while packing in a larger screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On

This means Samsung has been able to push the boundaries of reasonable for phone use one hand. Most plus-size phones max out at about 5.5 inches but S8 6.2 inches + feels very comfortable in the hand. Samsung who duped here in small screen sizes including curves, so it's not quite the like-for-like comparison with competitors – but it's still impressive. The screen is taller than You may be used to aspect ratio 18.5:9 than 16:9 most device but this really useful to most of the things you do on your mobile phone, such as scrolling through social media feeds or mobile site. Aside from the screen, the S8 comes in three colors on the back: black, silver and abu2 (front black on all of them).


And the same As you would expect with this new phone, Samsung has increased its processing power. Iterative fastest processor 10 percent faster and graphics 20 percent faster than S7. But smartphones are close to the limit of what's useful here.

The camera’s specs are similar to the S7, which had one of the best around. The camera app’s design has changed slightly - you can now slide back and forth along the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out - and there are filters and Snapchat-style face lenses.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On

Samsung is opting not to go down the path of double Apple lens and Huawei have adopted, so you still rely on the digital zoom. The main difference Samsung is touting is the "multi-frame picture processing". That means when you take a photo of the phone takes three and used two of them to sharpen the first. Samsung camera is up there with the best, but it is impossible to measure it in the room.


S8 run Android 7.0 and zip codes around good enough you expect of us, and from a glance at the beginning there don't seem to be too many unnecessary bloatware that Samsung has been criticized before. There's not a whole lot of software innovation here. Android multi-window feature, which allows you to run two applications side by side on the screen phone, has been around for a while but can be very useful on the screen. Always-on the screen that shows the time and notifications are also back. Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On Review.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands On

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-on - There is a face recognition for the first time. 7 iris scanning records a little clunky, facial recognition was but the S8 looked so easy and quick in the demo. If you're one of those people who doesn't like the fingerprint reader on the back of your phone, you can choose this one.


S8 will also feature Intelligent Assistant, Bixby, Samsung recently. The company says Bixby is a bigger deal than the Siri or Google Assistant and just ask for the weather, it will be highly integrated with everyday phone functions such as taking photos and sending them to people.

Samsung has put a button dedicated to Bixby, S8, on the left side, but I can't give it a try because it will not be launched in the United Kingdom until the end of this year.


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