What Does Apple Care Cover And Mack

What Does Apple Care Cover - Every Mac and Apple display comes with a one year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. Purchase Apple Care Protection Plan will extend the warranty and technical support coverage to three years from the day you buy your Mac. The plan also gives you global coverage improvement through selection of convenient services, which is discussed below.

What Does Apple Care Cover And Mack

Tech Support

Apple's maintenance care plan for Mac gives you technically supportive phone calls for 3 years, direct access to Apple experts for questions about various topics, maybe you are at home, Office or on the go. These include:

What Does Apple Care Cover

  • Using the OS X operating system.
  • Quick how-to questions about Life and Work.
  • Connecting to printers and Airport networks.
  • Connecting to your Mac.
  • Using audio.
  • Video chatting.
Hardware Repair Process

Apple plans to do Apple Maintenance Protection for Mac that has provided a global coverage of change that includes both parts and the workforce of authorized Apple technicians around the world. Depending on Your geographical location, you will have the option in your Mac requires hardware improvements:

  • Repairs for desktop computers: request that a technician come to Your work site.
  • Email-on Improvements for Apple computers and displays: Mail on your Mac or Apple screen will use the prepaid shipping box as provided by Apple.
  • Take a look of the Mac, Apple retail store or other Apple authorized service provider.
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What's Covered for Macs?

The Apple Care Protection Plan for Mac repair service covers:

  • Your Mac computer.
  • Included accessories such as the power a adapter.
  • Apple memory (RAM).
  • Airport.
  • Apple USB Super Drive (for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display, iMac, and Mac mini).
  • Apple display purchased with your Mac.

What's Covered for Displays?

The Apple Care Protection Plan for Apple displays repair service covers:

  • Your Apple display.
  • Built-in camera, mic, and speakers.
  • Included power cord.

When should you buy Apple Care and how much should you pay?

You must purchase and register the Plan while your Mac is within Apple Care One Year Limited warranty. But, Apple Authorized Agents often offer incentives that appeal to customers to buy their plans at the same time as they buy their Mac. All Apple Care protection plans when purchased on the same order as a new Mac, while is currently running a promotion till Aug 12th, 2014 that throws in a 3-Year Apple Care Protection Plan completely for free with the purchase of each Mac.

Apple Care for Mac traditionally falls under 4 different pricing tiers, as follows:

  • $149 - Mac mini
  • $169 - iMac
  • $249 - 11- and 13-inch MacBooks, Mac Pro
  • $349 - 15-inch MacBooks


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