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Getsupport Apple Com - You can get help for your device right on your device. If it still does not work, requesting iMore! Whether it's the first time you use Apple products, or you are a veteran Mac and IOS users, this is a fact of life using the technology and the problem occurs. But when they do, you do not need to panic: There are a number of different ways to solve your problem. You can search for the right information on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac: looking iMore the how-to guide, or contact Apple for additional assistance. If you find yourself with a problem, the Apple community one of the most helpful tech community around you just need to ask!

  • How to use the Apple Support application on your IPhone or IPad
  • How to use the Help app on your Mac
  • How to use the forum iMore help with your Mac

How to use the Apple Support app

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can get on-demand assistance with the application directly from the Apple Support. Once downloaded, log in with your Apple ID and you will be presented with the support portal for each device that is registered with your Apple ID, along with several articles feature all purposes.

This application is available in the following countries:

Getsupport Apple Com

Tap on one of your devices to open a portal such support; You can search for a specific issue or topic contents solving common problems to find the answer to your problems. If one of the Apple knowledge base article did not solve it, you also have the option to speak to an Apple support rep on the phone immediately, at a scheduled time, or via text chat; to a hardware problem, you can also schedule a Genius Bar appointment.

How to use the Help app on your Mac

Your Mac comes with a very useful application that help will answer questions about every aspect of your computer. All you have to do is type in your request, and the program will help present you with useful information.

Getsupport Apple Com :

1.Click on Help in the Menu bar at the top of your Mac's screen.

2.Type in a query, like "downloading apps" or "new user."

  • If you have the selected Finder (click on your desktop screen) you will be able to see what's new in Macos, New to Mac, and Get to Know Your Mac, for more help.
Getsupport Apple Com

3.Select the search result from the list.

4.Click on a related link to open a specific app or program relating to your issue.

Getsupport Apple Com

Some useful things you should know about the Help program:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut command-shift-/ to quickly access the Help program
  • Help will show search results based on the app you are using. For example, if you are using Safari, it will show results for help with Safari. If you have Finder selected, it will show results for Finder
  • When you search for help using the command for a program, you will be able to hover the cursor. The menu and arrows will appear next to where you will find them in the apps menu.
Getsupport Apple Com

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How to use the iMore forums for help

Getsupport Apple Com. If the Mac or iPhone can help you find a solution to your problem, try iMore community! Not only the staff love solving our problems, but our fantastic readers are always on hand to help with even the simplest of problems. Do not hesitate to ask for something in the forum: Our forum users understand that when you are new to the Mac, you may need extra help others.

How to register (for free)

1. Click on the Menu icon in the top left corner of the window in your browser. Like three rows stacked on top of each other.

2.Select Sign up from the drop down menu.

Getsupport Apple Com

3.Enter a username, email, and password. Or sign up using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or with your    Microsoft account.

4.Click Continue.

Getsupport Apple Com

5.Verify your email address. Open your email inbox and look for an email from Mobile Nations. Click the Verify link to sign in.

Getsupport Apple Com

6.Click on your User name.

7.Select Manage Profile.

8.Fill out your profile information.

Getsupport Apple Com

You can now participate in the iMore forums..


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