How do Boingo Hotspot Login

Boingo Hotspot Login - Hallo buddy blog internet all, on this occasion I will share the tutorial how to connect wifi id with boingo account through the application boingo wifinder6. before is there is no know what is wifi id? I think all already know,
For those who do not know please ask the same google hehe, then whether it boingo? Boingo is an application to search for free hotspots / wifi around us, but this application is paid, This application can also work on Android, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. There is also a system that can be used on mobile phones blcakberry, Nokia and windows Mobile.

Boingo Hotspot Login

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Mentioned there "PAID", but this time I share free of charge at no charge. Once you understand boingo I will explain how to login, Actually boingo access option has long existed. But only certain places that have been covered by the service, we just start:

  1. Prepare first, the application boingo wifinder.
  2. Then you connect to wifi id.
  3. Then open the wifinder boingo app.
  4. Then you click the button with the 3 parallel lines in the top left corner.
  5. Then select setting.
  6. Select "use another username" to fill in the username and password that was downloaded earlier.
  7. Then click the button with the 3 parallel lines in the top left corner again, then choose home.
  8. Then click the "Get Online Now" button.
  9. Wait until it changes.
  10. If already live test for browsing.
  11. And Happy browsing.


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