Swype Keyboards Free Full Apk

Swype Keyboards Free - kerboard to eat your life. Swype is fully designed for YOU. For those of you who like to type quickly and precisely, or are already proficient with Swype, get a better typing experience, faster, and better if you use them more often. Swype takes note of the way you enter text and create a private language model that follows you from one device to another. Swype - the world's most powerful keyboard.
Swype Keyboards Free

Answering Your Needs - Swype Now Available in the Play Store! Get It Now.

  • 250+ Million Users and Continues to Increase
  • Guinness World Records - Fastest Time to Type Text Messages
  • Have an Original Swype Keyboard Starting All This - Get It All

Exclusive features on keyboard swype: 

Support - Swype allows you to enter words from two or more languages at once. The words suggested by Swype will automatically adjust to the bilingual you choose.

More custom options - With Swype, you can customize the keyboard including the length of emphasis, the duration of vibration, keyboard height, and the right / left mini keyboard in landscape mode.

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Accessibility support - Swype supports accessibility features "Talkback" and "Explore by Touch". When accessibility features are enabled, user-entered text will be re-read.
The next word prediction is very smart, as if Swype can (almost can read) your mind. The best private language model available in this market teaches the tools to learn your vocabulary and predict the words you want based on previous usage. Swype also has the most extensive phrases and sentences based on predictive keyboard models available in the market and this means we can predict the words used in long phrases like "Smart Knight," "Knock the stone", "Heaven under the Foot , "And" There's a shrimp behind a rock. "

Backups and personal dictionary synchronization make personal language models and dictionaries backed up automatically and synced across all your Android devices. (Features to choose from)

Dragon dictation is a world-renowned voice recognition software that lets you wirelessly use the device and convert sound to text quickly and accurately by pressing the Dragon button. Available in 36 languages. Dragon allows you to view results by phrase almost immediately without leaving the dictation interface.
With Dragon's dictation, you can see what you say when you speak!

The Smart editor analyzes the entire sentence, marks potential errors to be fixed quickly, and includes the most likely alternative suggestions.
Swype's more intelligent and personalized features:
  • Multi-modal: Swype, Type, Write, Talk
  • Unique Tablet Keyboard: No need to download a separate app for your tablet. Swype already includes three tablet modes that you can choose. Like the original Swype Keyboard, a small, moveable keyboard, and a separate keyboard for tablet input is a breeze.
  • Smart Touch: Swype learns your unique input style and keeps changing and adapting to your typing pattern to get a completely personalized keyboard experience.
  • Language Download. Swype already supports more than 70 languages that can be downloaded by you.
  • Keyboard Theme: With a variety of themes to choose from, you can personalize the look of the Swype keyboard so that it has the look that best suits you.
  • Movement: Because sometimes you want quick shortcuts for everyday tasks such as: capitalization, punctuation, and text editing.
Want to know more? Check out our videos and tips at www.swype.com.


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