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OnePlus 3 review - This time I came to OnePlus 3, the latest device from OnePlus, a smartphone also called "The Flagship Killer." For OnePlus 3, the first impression comes first when looking at a very premium body device. This is visible from the all-metal casing and carving the logo on the back of the smartphone. Although feels thin and light, but does not necessarily eliminate the "male" OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3 review

By design, this device reminds us of the HTC 10. The base brings memory about the iPhone. But overall, OnePlus 3 is able to place small details, such as speakers, headphone jacks, and all the buttons well and correctly, which makes it look premium.

Some users may like the half-asymmetric look, but personally, Gopego admire the symmetrical look of the iPhone. With a thickness of only 7.4 mm, OnePlus 3 feels slimmer than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The large screen and light weight also further strengthens the feeling, that OnePlus 3 is thinner than the iPhone. With a 158 gram lob, OP3 is a bit heavier than the iPhone 6s, but lighter than the iPhone 6s Plus.

The buttons on the side of the device also feels right for the fingers, especially for the silent switcher, which is still rarely used by smartphones in the market, even for a standard flagship.

The fingerprint sensor, which is also the home button without clicking is perfectly placed. OnePlus 3 is so perfect creating this button with position placement that is easy to reach and better than button with clicking mechanism.

Switching to the display, the screen looks slightly curved at the edges. Although it looks beautiful, but did not rule out the user to do mis-press that can not accidentally bring up the customization screen widget. The home button and two other capacitive buttons also have their own uniqueness with long-press and double-tapping.

One thing that may feel negative from the design of OnePlus 3 is a camera that protrudes out from the rear of the smartphone body. The camera's prominence looks a bit clear even if you do not have to worry if the camera glass is made of sapphire, but it is not! For that, be careful when putting OnePlus 3 anywhere. In addition, the back feels quite slippery when gripped. A case is definitely strongly recommended if you have this device, such as the original Sandstone case from OnePlus, or the case from Otterbox, which will make it more comfortable to grasp without worrying apart from the palm of the hand.


One of the excellent features of OnePlus 3 is Dash Charge, which is claimed OP as the fastest battery charger on the market today. In addition, the smartphone screen is also quite responsive, especially for running applications based on gestur (V for flash and O to open the camera).

OP3 fingerprint sensor is also the main attraction because one of the fastest in the smartphone market. It takes only 0.2 seconds to open the device. Interestingly, you can also do many things when the screen dies for faster access. For example, double tapping on the Home button will turn off the screen. For the standard size of Indonesian palms, reaching for the Home button might be a little bit difficult considering the size of OnePlus 3 is pretty big. But this deficiency becomes an added value for other features, such as when browsing for a long time and viewing movies or playing games. With the ratio of the screen to the right body, plus a bezel that is not too wide, OnePlus 3 is very fun to hold and even operated.

For experience on the smartphone screen, because using AMOLED displays, the black color certainly feels deeper, but it can be tricked by enabling the sRGB color profile by turning on the developer menu (you can do it by tapping the About Phone menu seven times). SRGB color profile will provide a more natural and premium color, so that the display is not too bright and colorful, which sometimes makes the appearance of the device so it looks like a cartoon.

Adaptive screen mode is pretty decent and works well. Provides the right volume for the brightness level at any time, except when the display is light, or tends to be dark, and requires a higher level of brightness to be seen comfortably by the eye.

RAM 6 GB owned OP3 able to run the animation smoothly and open or move applications quickly. Of course this is supported by the ability of Snapdragon 820 which has a process speed of 2.15 / 2.6 GHz.

OnePlus 3 is marketed with a screen proteltor made of plastic. To be more assured, you can replace it with a protector made of wrought glass, such as Orzly made.


OnePlus 3 review

OnePlus 3 has a battery life of up to 14 hours. But for more secure, with the use of email, messaging and browsing, OP3 can last about 10 hours in a single charge. The battery will last longer if you rarely use the device. This possibility is because the LTE wave requires more power, followed later by the smartphone screen. In Indonesia, which still has a weak internet network, internet connection is pretty hard to find. It should be remembered that in looking for signals, the smartphone also needs energy from the battery.

You can also change the appearance of LED lights. There are several colors that can be selected and fluoresce when there is a notification that goes into the smartphone.

Oxygen OS

You can also change the appearance of LED lights. There are several colors that can be selected and fluoresce when there is a notification that goes into the smartphone.


OnePlus 3 review

OnePlus 3 has a camera capability that is good enough for the size of the middle to upper class smartphone. Indeed, not as good as Galaxy S7 and require more software improvements when shooting in low light conditions. But to take pictures during the day for the needs of selfie or social networking, OnePlus 3 is more than enough. The color shown is quite natural when compared with the Galaxy S7, while the f / 2.0 aperture provides a soft bokeh effect, though not too strong.

According to Carl Pei, 6 GB of RAM on OnePlus 3 is not the main point for their latest smartphone, although it is actually required for a smooth, uninhibited operation of the device. Based on tests conducted by Carl Pei, 4 GB of RAM is used for multi-tasking, while the remaining 2 GB is used for applications requiring larger memory, such as cameras. What most OP3 users do not know yet, the device is capable of capturing four photos at a time, which can then be selected best by the user.


Overall, despite having a lower price than the 2016 flagship, such as the Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 6s Plus, OnePlus 3 can still be enjoyed well. The combination of good hardware and software oprekan from OP technician team will provide the best smartphone experience for its users.

The device is sleek, elegant, lightweight, fast, and has a 5.5-inch display, will provide the best experience for affordable flagship. In addition, the screen size is still acceptable for phablet fans and smartphones, right? In addition, if you shake OnePlus 3, there is no annoying sound so this device is really solid. With the above considerations, Gopego suggests OnePlus 3 as one of the smartphones worthy of the year 2016.


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