One Plus 4 Release Date, Features, Price, Specification Rumors

Oneplus 4 - This OnePlus is a word that can be heard from everyone who has just used. The name comes with the release of OnePlus in 2014 and that really got a really great sale. And this Smartphone will be the main feature that will be sold at very low prices and also has an awesome interface to use. Chinese companies have made it feasible to be purchased by introducing many features and specifications. Since then OnePlus has series with OnePlus One, OnePlus X, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3 latest.

OnePlus 4 News and Release Date

This OnePlus device has a premium price with their premium build body. This device is comparable to its flagship device that is expensive in look and design. In this article will see some of the specifications and price of the upcoming OnePlus 4. Yes, you heard right we will now have OnePlus 4 OnePlus series that will soon be present in our hands. It is rumored that most of early 2017 we can accept this device on the market. So just wait for new phones from OnePlus, which will add more innovative features and designs.

Oneplus 4

OnePlus 4 Specification And Rumors

When the specifications of OnePlus devices, it is known that this company will provide you many features for the lowest price. The look, design, and form of OnePlus 4 will make you amazed.

Display and Body

It has been rumored that OnePlus 4 will have a curved aluminum body with a very unique design. As OnePlus 3, it will have 5.5 inches on a very large diagonal display for Smartphone devices. In addition, the screen will have the highest 4k resolution for Smartphone. The screen will be designed with 3D technology that helps you stream 3D movies and provides many features


When you look into OnePlus camera, always combine Sony Senor to capture better. Unlike the rare 16 MP camera in OnePlus 3, it is expected to have more of a 22MP rear camera in OnePlus 4. The auto focus laser, eye sensor including some other camera sensors will be added to this device. When it comes to the front camera is expected to have more than 8 MP with clear capture feature.

Oneplus 4

Processor and Battery 

The first thing I want to tell you is that OnePlus 4 is estimated to have more than 8 GB of RAM because it runs on 6 GB of RAM. The latest QUALCOMM snapdragon processor and will be integrated for quick functionality.

Unlike other Smartphones that do not have dual SIM features, OnePlus 4 will feature Dual SIM and is expected to have an external storage device of 126 GB. Internal storage will start with 32 GB reaching 64 GB to 126 GB.

The OnePlus 4 battery is estimated at 4000 mAh for the old backup and is charged up to 60% in one hour. Wireless charging technology will also be introduced with fast process in OnePlus 4.


We know that OnePlus 3 is sold on the market at a price of 30k per Indian rupee, as we also expect a slightly similar price for OnePlus 4 to be around 35k to 40k for unique features and specifications.


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