Htc One M8 Waterproof Case

Htc One M8 Waterproof Case - Choosing a case for One M8 is slightly different. Usually the case design needs to be stylish and functional for itself, but when you work with the phone as attractive as the One M8, the look of this case can bring the back seat to a beautifully designed aluminum design.

If covering One M8 does not concern you, then you are more choices in the form of ultra-tough and flip-cover cases. Or, of course, the patented Dot View case.

Otterbox Defender

Price: $59.90

The Otterbox Defender series has always been a very appropriate choice and luckily there is one for One M8. Defenders are not designed specifically for the aesthetic One M8, but once you get to the end of the market's extreme protection, we doubt you'll find anything designed around a single device.

Defenders stand for us as a difficult case as both are multi-purpose and customizable. Multi-purpose can take off thicker armor when you do not need it, and can be adjusted because you can choose what color from each of the two different layers.

Incipio Watson

Price: $44.99

Htc One M8 Waterproof Case

I usually try not to put the same manufacturer in this Case list, but Incipio Watson's wallet is a special exception. Stylish, functional and wallet components can be removed if you prefer a lack of practicality.

Close fold holds 3 cards and doubles as a kick stand. It comes in two colors and retail for $ 44.99.

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HTC Dot View case

Price: Variable, usually between $40 and $50

Htc One M8 Waterproof Case

The HTC Dot View case is functionally and aesthetically unique. Created by HTC, it has a pretty good advantage and works with software on One M8 designed specifically for Dot Case.

Users can view missed notifications, answer incoming calls and enable voice input by interacting with point view on the front of the case.

This is an exclusive accessory for you so it's a bit more expensive than the other options, but you really will not find another case like this on the market today. This is an exciting and useful addition to the gadget user experience.

Incipio Feather

Price: $24.99

Htc One M8 Waterproof Case

Sometimes a simple approach is best. Incipio made a great case, but our favorite of their One M8 lineup is Feather. This is a super thin cover that creates a sleek and elegant profile of One M8 elegance, keeping the comfort and style.

This is not the case for heavy duty, but must protect yourself from drops or tap on average. Available in 4 colors for $ 24.99.

Spigen Slim Armor

Price: $24.99

Htc One M8 Waterproof Case

Spigen Slim Armor has mimicked the basic design of the One M8. Thus there is no change in aesthetic shift between the front panel and case, allowing it to work well on the original design rather than releasing it.

There are a variety of colors to choose from, which is great, when you consider the One M8 color theme options built-in. Although the case does not match the default theme available in Sense 6.0, some like Aintree Green and Metal Slate.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

Price: $14.99

Htc One M8 Waterproof Case

The Unicorn Beetle hybrid is a perfect example of how you add this exciting device. The beetle has most of the clear back that allows brushed aluminum to shine, but does not rely on a completely clear design that might make it look tacky.

The colored trim around the side offers protection from the drops while adding a tough angular view to a normally smooth and tapered phone.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle found on sites like Amazon, where you can get it for $ 14.99.


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