How To Use Private Browsing on Android

How To Use Private Browsing on Android - Do you want to do browsing without deleting history on Android Gadget ?. Private browsing lets your browse the internet without leaving the data and history that stored on your browser. Most browsers, are indeed saving history when you do browsing. Then will you always delete this data, I think it's just a waste of time.

How To Use Private Browsing on Android

Almost all the browser on android provides private browsing feature. Any popular browser that you use (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Dolphin Browser, Etc.) Even, default browser on Android operating system of already provides.

You can use the private browsing mode, so you don't have to always delete the data stored. The steps below will help you know how to use private browsing on Android. A look at some tips that you should use below.

How To Use Private Browsing on Android

The steps below will discuss how to use the private browsing from the UC Browser, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Please select one of the browser you are using, and select one of the steps below.

Private Browsing in Google Chrome

  • Run Google Chrome on your Android phone
  • Then, press the Menu button on the upper right corner to display the option menu.
  • Select "New Incognito tab" on the menu that are available. Incognito is a feature of Google Chrome for private browsing, so that the browser will not keep a history of what you discover
How To Use Private Browsing on Android
  • After the incognito tab appears, you already start browsing using tabs or without the worry of data as well as the resulting history.
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Private Browsing on Mozilla Firefox

  • Run the Firefox apps
  • Tap the options button in the upper right side to bring up the menu
  • Select "mask" icon to begin the switch to private browsing
  • Click the plus button to open a new tab private browsing on Mozilla Firefox.
  • By using the private tab means the browser will not save the data browsing. Firefox itself has now introduced a tracking protection feature in Mozilla Firefox version 42.
How To Use Private Browsing on Android

Private Browsing with UC Browser

In contrast to other browsers, the UC Browser provides new functionality to perform privately browising. UC Browser you can use to enable private browsing tab. The data and history will not be stored when your enable the feature on a browser it.
  • Run the UC Browser Applications
  • Press the number of the existing tab icon at the bottom of the browser. When the Options appear, tap the icon "Mask" on the right hand side
  • Incognito mode UC Browser is enabled and you can surf safely in Internet!.
Other browsers like Dolphin Browser and the default browser of operating system also has a private browsing features. As for how to use them is almost the same as the steps written above.


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