How To Unfreeze A Samsung Tablet

How To Unfreeze A Samsung Tablet - Actual the Samsung Galaxy Tab offers mobile computing in the form of a very slim, but very susceptible to freezes. In some cases, the problem was due to a fall in applications. If the tablet freezes, usually you will receive a message to return to the initial screen of the tablet.

When your Samsung Galaxy Tab froze, you won't be able to play games, check Email, or read the eBook!. When this problem occurs, the touch screen becomes unresponsive and the applications you use is suddenly stopped. But fortunately, this problem is very easy to fix.

3 Methods: How To Unfreeze A Samsung Tablet

If you are experiencing the problem? or are you looking for a solution for it? Fairly quiet, because we have provided 3 methods that can help you.

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Methods 1 : Exiting the Frozen App

  • Press the Home button located below the Touchscreen, and you will be taken to the home screen tablet 

  • If the Home button does not work, press the back button located on the right side of the screen. If the application that is causing the Tab froze, then after you exit, the Tab will function properly again

Methods 2 : Performing a Soft Reset

  • Press the power button for 5-10 seconds, until the screen is black. The power button, is usually located on the left or right edges of the Tabs above. Hanging with the tabs that you use
  • Wait some time to complete the reboot Tab. If it has been turned on again, you will be brought to the main screen.

Methods 3 : Performing a Factory Reset

  • Turn off your Tab by pressing the button located on the top right or left Your Tab. If the screen can not be touched, remove battery from Tab and input again.
  • Press and hold the power button and the volume up button simultaneously. Then release the power button when the samsung logo appears, and release the Volume up when the Android logo appears on the follow list option.
  • Select "factory Reset", use the Volume up and down to select the menu. If the option is already selected, then press the power button to select. (All data will be deleted, and the device will be returned in the default setting)
  • Select "Yes, delete all data". A factory reset will start, wait for some time until it is finished. Once completed, the list of options will appear
  • Select "Robot system", and the device will reboot. If all Tabs have been completed, you will be back to normal as new.


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