How To Set Up Autofill On Android

How To Set Up Autofill On Android - Have you ever encountered while doing the typing on Android suddenly changed the typed word by itself? If Yes, then the auto correction feature on your phone or Your Android tablet is still active.

What is the function of auto correction of Android?

Auto correction is to justify the words that typo. But generally only supports multiple languages. So for example you want to type "HOME" but the typo so "HOEM", then if the feature auto correction off, those words will be automatically corrected so "HOME".

But the obstacles we often typing with short. So that when you type, the AutoText feature automatically corrects words in accordance with the available data base. The problem is, it causes Word to appear not as we expect.

Well, when you do not need this feature, here's How To Set Up Autofill On Android:

  • Go to setting
  • Tap language & input
How To Set Up Autofill On Android
  • Click Settings along with a Keyboard that is used, for example Google Keyboard/Android Keyboard (AOSP)/Samsung Keyboard, etc. (see picture below)
How To Set Up Autofill On Android
  • Tap Auto Correction > Select Of
How To Set Up Autofill On Android
  • Finish
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Not all types of Android phones can be done in the same way. But I think, when you want to disable autofill is not much different from the above guidelines. I hope after you read the guide above, now you know how to disable Autofill on Android Smartphone, and you can do it.


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