How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet

How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet - Have children, will give its own happiness for the family. However, it should be the parents to provide security and comfort in children. The current smartphone or tablet has become part of life, and games for children. Indeed the level of pleasure that the given much higher, because of the many exciting games offered by Android.

How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet

But not all of the content that offered "Safe", or good to  watched by children. As a parent, you can perform a security measure, i.e. by activating parental control on the Android. This is step to make the child can stil enjoy quality entertainment but with restrictions. Follow the steps below to do it all.

How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Tablet

With the steps below, you can create a new profile to limit the applications that can be child accessed. But, this feature can only be used on Android tablets.

Parental Control For Android Tablet :

  • Go to "Setting" in the tablet
  • Select "user", click "add user or profile" and select "Limited Profile"
  • You will be asked to create a PIN or key pattern
  • After that you will see applications or features that were installed in the tablet, select the applications which can be accessed by your child.
  • To access the limited profile, lock your tablets and select the new profile that you have created to access the limited profile. If you want to re-use the tablet as usual, simply click your main icon (on the left) and enter your PIN or key patterns that have been made.
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The Restriction on The Purchase of Apps in The Google Play Store :

Smartphone for now has no profile is limited, but parents can protect the purchase application that not the intentionally.

  • Go to "Google Play"
  • Tap the three lines at the corner of the upper left and select "settings"
  • Scroll to the "user controls" and select "need authentication for purchase"
  • Select to always enter your Google password if you want to make a purchase

Content Filtering

You can restrict the content Your children can be accessed at Google Play, Take this steps bellow :

  • Go to "settings" in Google's Play
  • Scroll to the "user controls" and select "parental control"
  • You can set the age restriction is allowed to access options category

In addition to the two ways above, you can use third-party applications. Like AppLock to limit applications, or content that is accessible to children. Share with us Your experiences or limit the response content on Android in the comments field below.


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