How To Root A Galaxy S4 2017

How To Root A Galaxy S4 - According to existing data, the Android operating system is the most widely used today, and become one of the operating systems that grow very fast. Therefore, it is no wonder if Android becomes so mighty as a lot of great developers behind him.

Moreover, in doing the Rooting, root now do not need to mention how difficult like it used to, using the computer. Now, with just one click can already perform Root against Android.

This time I want to give a way a Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Download and Install Towelroot in advance.

How To Root A Galaxy S4

Before you install, make sure you have activated the "Unknown sources". How, Settings > Security > (Checklist) "Unknown sources".

next, open and run Towelroot

When ready, press the "make it rain". Wait a few moments, if it is 15 seconds, reboot Galaxy S4.

How To Root A Galaxy S4

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Make sure the Root has been successfully

Samsung Galaxy S4 to ensure you've root success or not, you can use an application called Root Checker.

How To Root A Galaxy S4

Install SuperSU/SuperUser

Next up is installing SuperSU/SuperUser, because if it is in the root-but do not have this application, malicious script or Application could be entering Android you easily.
actually way above can also be used in all types of Android smartphones, as S3, Galaxy Galaxy Ace, Sony Xperia, Z1 Z2, Z3 or even Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Please experiment only!


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