How To Redeem Samsung’s BOGO Deal For The Galaxy S8

BuletinUP - If you are currently looking for information on How to claim Samsung's BOGO deal for the Galaxy S8, you are already in the right article. Because below we will provide information related to it. Samsung does not provide any information about it. So you will not find any information explaining the procedure and until now no information can be found on the Samsung website. But here we will provide the information as taken from the website

 2 Step :  How to claim Samsung's BOGO deal for the Galaxy S8

Please follow the steps that we describe below, all this information we are in accordance with that written by website Read this article to solve it.

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Step 1: Activate your new Galaxy S8 at

How to claim Samsung's BOGO deal for the Galaxy S8

Samsung actually says that "Save trips to the store easily, by activating your phone". In this case. They mean activate T-Mobile SIM through Well, here are the steps below.
  • Insert the incoming T-Mobile SIM card on the Galaxy S8 or S8 + contacts (Note: This can only be done on one device)
  • Please go to this page
  • Then sign in with your account
  • Press the Select carrier plan on the button under S8 that you want to activating
  • Please log in to your T-Mobile account (For this access, you will need the PIN / password, billing zip code and phone number you use)
  • Next, select agree to the terms and conditions
If all the above steps work properly, your SIM will be activated immediately. However, this will take up to 24 hours. When you're done activating, you can use your phone as usual. This is a samsung way to really make sure you stay on the side of the BOGO penawran, by turning the phone on the T-Mobile line. However, from the results of tests conducted by the authors of phandroid, did not succeed to pass the T-Mobile activation section before being greeted with an error message like the following picture.

How to claim Samsung's BOGO deal for the Galaxy S8
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Solution: If you see an error message like the picture above, immediately contact T-Mobile about the error message. The reason you should contact T-Mobile is to register a new account / line of service, or even to activate a SIM card that enters into a Galaxy S8 contact

Step 2: Wait

Sign in on your Samsung device, (go to Settings> Cloud and account> Tap Account > add account> select Samsung account). Wait between 7 - 10 working days, this is useful for refunds hitting your original form of payment. However, If after 10 days you do not find a refund (maximum $ 750). You should contact Samsung immediately to find out what's going on. Unfortunately in this case, there is no way to check your setatus on Samsung website. (Whether it is already set, pending, or even ineligible)

Or you can check the eligibility to handle Samsung BOGO by contacting Samsung at: 1-855-726-8721 (press 2 for orders you have previously input). At some time between 7-10 days, Samsung will send a notification in the form of a Confirmation Email saying your device has been activated.

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