How To Jailbreak An Android Device

How To Jailbreak An Android - Cydia Substrate is an application created by Saurik "Father of Jailbreak" which has also created Cydia for iOS Device since 5 years ago. Cydia Substrate is an application specifically created for Android Device.

How To Jailbreak An Android

Saurik has just released the Cydia Substrate Application ONLY FOR ANDROID. For what Cydia Substate on Android? Cydia Substrate has the same functionality as Cydia Application on iOS that provides 3rd party applications that we know of Jailbreak Application, Cydia Application or Cydia Tweak.

This means that for all Android users, of course, from now on with Cydia Substrate you can apply your favorite jailbreak and tweaks app on iOS (Cydia) on all your Android devices, and the existing jailbreak applications are WinterBoard places for Themes.

How to Install Cydia Substrate on Android:

  • Cydia Substrate only supports in Android version 2.3 until version 4.2.

Steps to install Cydia Substrate app on Android you can follow below:

  • First, you are required to do Root in Android Device (For how to root Android, I happen to not understand it, for tutorial root Android please search for yourself, or if you have a good reference please share it through the comment field below. Tried Android, but with the Jailbreak for Android (Cydia Substrate) it seems I started to rather "glance".
  • Then after you successfully do Root in Android device, now install APK, then open and install Next open Substrate SuperUser access.
  • After that you can install Cydia Substrate Applications on Android that you can download directly on Google Play or on the link below:
How To Jailbreak An AndroidHow To Jailbreak An Android
  • After successfully installing Cydia Substrate application in Google Play Store for free, now you can install the applications that exist in Cydia. For now, there is a WinterBoard that you can install for free.
  • Similar to iOS, winter board for Android also has the same functionality of theme (Theme Customization) which then you can create your own theme for your Android.
How To Jailbreak An AndroidHow To Jailbreak An Android

For all Android users, enjoy the amazing jailbreak apps we have enjoyed from 5 years ago: D. I am sure in Indonesia has many developers and Android with Cydia on Android then you can create your best applications and explore the soul of art and imagination is infinite.


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