How To Encrypt Android Device in 3 Step

How To Encrypt Android - Android has a system of encryption feature encrypts all data, including application data, files that have been downloaded, and so on. You must enter a PIN or password each time you turn on the Android. You can use this encryption feature on Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 or latest version. Keep reading this article to find out How To Encrypt Android Device.

Encryption Warning

Before you enable encryption, keep in mind that there are some drawbacks of this feature:

  • Slower performance: encryption always adds some overhead, so Android you may be a little slower. The actual speed depends on Your Android hardware.
  • Only one line encryption: After encrypts Android, you can turn off the encryption by doing a reset on your phone to the original settings to the factory. It can also remove all data stored on your phone, so you have to set it up again from the beginning.
  • Not everyone has to enable this encryption feature, because this feature is going to be more detrimental to some people. If you still want to enable encryption, keep reading this article.
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How To Encrypt Android Device

Encryption may take one hour or longer than that, depending on how much data you have on Your Android. Connect Your Android on the power source and make sure you have enough time before continuing the process of encryption. If you have to interrupt the process of encryption, you will lose some (or all!) of the data on Your Android.

Make sure you have activated YOUR PIN or password on Your Android. Android will not perform encryption until you activate your PIN or password. To enable it, open Your Android Settings screen, tap Security > Screen Lock > tap PIN or Password, and create a new password or PIN Your Android.

How To Encrypt Android

You can now encrypt storage of your Android. Open the Display Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone (or Encrypt tablets).

How To Encrypt Android

Read the warning information and tap the button to Encrypt Phones to continue.  You will see a message instructing you to plug in your electric plugs on Android if You have yet to do.

How To Encrypt Android

You will have to enter a PIN or password to continue the process of encryption. Accept the warning and leave your phone for a while. Do not interrupt your phone while the encryption process takes place.

How To Encrypt Android

You will see a process indicator appears. After the encryption process is complete, the Android you have encrypted. You must enter a PIN or password each time you make a boot on Your Android. If not, storage Android you will not read, so don't ever forget the password or PIN you! You can only turn off the encryption by doing a factory reset. If you use a PIN, instead of using a password, You will be given a password prompt. You can enter the PIN number using the numerical keyboard.


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