How To Block Unknown Calls On Android

How To Block Unknown Calls On Android - Android Smartphone is indeed comfortable to use. This operations system is already proven to be very easy to use, although it is used by new users. But not all Android users know about all of their use.  Included with the disorder on incoming calls.

When you receive a lot of calls from phone numbers that are hidden, so you cannot know who is calling. For sure that you will feel disturbed. If you received a disturbing phone call from a number that cannot be seen, control Your cell phone with flip block them. See the steps below to resolve the problem.

2 Step For : How To Block Unknown Calls On Android

This article will help You to block unknown numbers, and you'll feel more comfortable when finished reading this article. Learn the guidelines below in full.

Step 1 : Instal a Call Bloking Application

How To Block Unknown Calls On Android

If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, you can install the application to block calls from hidden numbers. The most popular application is Call Control (Android) and Call Bliss (iPhone)

  • Call Control is Android applications to block spam callers and telemarketers. These numbers have been reported by other users around the world. You can also use a Privacy Mode that only allow calls from Your Contacts list.
  • Call Bliss is an iPhone application for silence unwanted calls automatically, so you can ignore the calls from unknown numbers.
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Step 2 : Use the Do Not Disturb on your iPhone 

How To Block Unknown Calls On Android

The Do Not Disturb can silence all calls except those you allow. This can be useful to ignore unknown callers, but when there are a number of other important calls you will not receive notification.

  • Got o setting and tap Do Not Dustrub
  • Select "Allow Calss From" and click "All Contacts"
  • Do Not Distrub will silence the other number is not known, but what if it is indeed important.

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If you received a phone call that disrupts or threatens, you can tell your service provider. So you can get law enforcement to investigate the calls.

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