How Much Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Price 2017

How Much Is Samsung Galaxy S6 - So many manufacturers of smartphones offers affordable products, but not many that created the product flagship. As one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has a flagship product, the Samsung Galaxy S Series. This year, Samsung presents the Galaxy S6 which became the best smartphone ever created.

Samsung Galaxy  S6 is the latest flagship was introduced at CES in Las Vegas by 2015. Of course the Galaxy S series is one of the top mobile phone type from Samsung. later the Galaxy S6 will carry the superb specification.

The excess on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Review

Expensive and premium design. Very much different than the other Galaxy S Series  devices , the Galaxy S6 has a unibody with a premium blend of body material metal and glass. In addition to the expensive and premium, a slim body dimensions also makes it feel very comfortable holding it.

The fastest Smartphone in the world. Unlike the other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung creates its own processors for Galaxy S6, i.e. CPU 8-core Exynos 7420. AnTuTu testing Benchmark test that we produce the score 66 thousand points, becoming the fastest smartphone we've ever test.

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UI lighter. Samsung already eliminate the variety of useless bloatware. As a result, Galaxy S6 has a performance more responsive than the previous Galaxy S series. Not only that, the UI TouchWiz on Galaxy S6 also offers a great selection of theme to eliminate the tedium of its users.

Sharp screen with color saturation is very concentrated. Samsung's Super AMOLED panels using with a resolution of 2 k at Galaxy S6. This combination makes the screen quality is perfect. Any piece of text can be displayed with sharp, playing games, watching movies, or simply view the photos also feels the maximum.

Battery charge extra fast. Samsung Galaxy S6 features fast charging makes you can forget powerbank. Charging 10 minutes could make it last up to two hours. Charge the battery the battery 30 minutes can be filled up to 50%. And to full fill the battery just takes 1.5 hours.

Fingerprint sensor and S-Health more responsive. Compared to its predecessor, fingerprint sensor and S-Health-owned Galaxy S6 has the ability to detect more quickly and accurately. Fingerprint sensors are very useful for security, sensor S-Health fitness tracker as useful.

Wefie maximum. Front camera Galaxy S6 has a resolution of 5 MP. We assure you, his camera will always be able to satisfy you because it can make the face look bright even though it was in a dark place. Our passion is the most wide selfie feature, where you can take pictures wefie with extra wide viewing angle plus effect fish eye.

How Much Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Price 2017

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