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Zip File Extractor For Android - There are different kinds of files you will find in the daily life and one of them is the type of file in archive file in compress or format Zip, Rar and other formats. The type of the file as it is a kind of file that contains several other files that then compresses to reduce the discharging place. In addition, the type of the file as it's much easier to be shared or distributed to others.

When you find a file like this, then you need a special application form application and Unzip Zip, Rar to open and access your existing files in it. Exclusively for users of Android itself, there are 5 best applications in 2017 was specifically earmarked to open access, or create an archive file as intended.

5 Best Zip, RAR, and Unzip Apps For Android Free Download 2017

Below I will recommend some apps for Android, simply on the extractor read this article until it is completed to find out one of them..

1. AndroZip

AndroZip is a free application that can open many different types of archived files such as zip, rar, tar, gzip and bzip2, and various other files archived. In addition to its ability to open those files, this application also has its own management system which allows the user to adjust or move the contents of a file to another place. In addition, the users also can use this application to create zip files which then can be protected with a password or encryption is set.

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These applications generally belongs to the very simple, yet capable of performing all the functions properly and in accordance with what is expected so it will be easy to use by anyone.

2. B1 Archiver

Application of Zip, Rar and Unzip the Android on this one is a great application that belongs to the popular enough and has a variety of advantages among other similar applications. One of the main advantages that are carried by this application is its ability to open archived files in formats ranging from 37 popular formats such as Zip and Rar, to various other formats such as cbt, cab, chm, taz, xpi, chw, deb and various other formats. Support file format archive of this application belongs to the most numerous when compared to other similar applications so it is very suitable to be used by you are often dealing with archived files that come from a variety of sources and have a variety of formats that are unique and different from generally.

This application can also be used to organize the files is good to do the copy paste to ease to do the bookmark. There is also the option of Multi Select allows the user to work with some of the archived files at once, where the user can select all of the files and choose a command such as copy or delete, where the command will be applied to all files that have been previously selected.

Other capabilities are also supported by this application is the ability to open a multi part rar file also and b1. In addition, users can also create a password to protect your zip files and file their b1. This application can also be used to hide a file from a scan of the media.

This application is available in two versions namely the free and paid versions. The paid version of this application has advantages i.e. can be used to open an archived file that is protected by using a password. In general it can be said that this application is a very solid which is able to execute its task in a wider range when compared to other similar applications.

3. RAR (WinRAR for Android)

RAR is one of the applications that are sufficiently reliable thanks to a wide range of advantages. RAR this is an application that was created by the same developers that grow the WinRAR certainly very well known by the users PC. No wonder the application RAR is often also referred to as application WinRAR for Android because it comes from the same source, and appears to have similar capabilities as well.

This application can be used to open different types of files such as rar, zip, tar, 7z, iso, arj, bz2, gz, and xz. Users also create archived files with rar and zip formats with applications on this one.

4. Winzip

WinZip is an application to open the file archive that has long been used by the people. Currently, Winzip has been present in the mobile version that can be used on Android-based phone. Just like the desktop version, the mobile version of this application also provides similar features in terms of being able to open or extract the archive files mainly various files stored in formats that are common and popular use. 

However, there is one excess that makes this application different from other similar applications, where the application has been in support of Google Drive and also the Dropbox so that the users can use this application to open filarchived which is derived from both these sources.

5. ZArchiver

This application has been available for the Android user since a long time. This application supports a variety of basic functions of this type of application such as support of various types of file archive, as well as easy to use. In addition there are also a variety of other pilihah such as the ability to perform encryption, protect files with passwords and break up an existing archive file in accordance with the needs of the user.

For the users of Android smartphone, the application is very useful because it belongs to the user can by making the files archived with several options of format i.e. zip, 7zip, tar, gzip, xz, and bzip2. In addition to being able to create a file with the format, the application is also capable of opening various file format archive as rar, lha, tgz, chm, dmg, cramfs, wim, ecm, cab and a variety of other formats.

The fifth application, rar, zip and unzip it to your mobile phone or Android-based tablet that fall into the ranks of the best applications in the year 2017. Capabilities and features that are supported by each application as well as the ease of its use in the process of making such applications worth to be considered by you.


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