Best Free Games Without Wifi for Android

Free Games Without Wifi - In android phones there are two types of games that have different excitement of Online games and Offline Game. Online Game is known to have a more exciting game because you can fight people you do not know and may not run out. But for some people online game will spend internet quota let alone internet quota in Indonesia is expensive and also sometimes slow so many gamers who prefer to play the game Offline. Playing offline games is also no less exciting by playing online games so you can try it to fill your spare time.

Talking about offline android games then of course you will find a variety of options. On the PlayStore as an official app store from android has offered many offline games that can be played without internet. A variety of offline gaming options ranging from adventure, race, sports, war and others are available there. The number of options offered will make you confused to choose which game is most appropriate to be installed on your android phone. Therefore we will provide a variety of Offline games that can run without the best and latest internet.

Free Games Without Wifi

Free Games Without Wifi

One's favorite of offline gaming is of course very different, there are likes with adventure games, there are like the game that sharpen the brain, there are also games that race. With these reasons then in this post we will provide various categories according to your taste. Well here is a list of games Offline Android Without The Best Internet

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Free Games Without Wifi

For fans of racing games must be familiar with the game Asphalt 8: Airborne. This game is widely recommended as the best racing game where graphics descriptions are qualified as well as excellent game control.

Game Asphalt 8: Airborne is a game made by Gameloft that you do not need to doubt in game making. In Playstore game Asphalt 8: Airborne has got a good rating of 4.5. In addition over 50 million people have downloaded this game via playstore.

2. Real Racing 3

Free Games Without Wifi

Real Racing is one of the fun racing games you can play offline. This game is an artificial game from Electronic Arts or EA so for the problem of excitement and graphics you do not need to doubt this game.

As the name suggests, Real Racing 3 is like a real race, where you can use licensed cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari Bugatti and many others. For the matter of rating this game has obtained a rating of 4.3 out of 50 million more people who have felt the sensation of the game Real Racing 3

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3. Cars: Fast as Lightning

Free Games Without Wifi

It's no wonder that the game adopted from a movie and game Cars: Fast as Lightning is one of them. In playing this game you can compete with the race at full speed in a special track. To increase the speed you can activate the nitro you have.

If you play the game Cars: Fast as Lightning this you will find a lot of excitement that can drive out your boredom. This game itself has been developed by gameloft and has been licensed from Disney. In addition, more than 60 million people have felt the excitement in playing this game.


Free Games Without Wifi

BADLAND's android offline game invites you to adventure in a forest filled with a mystery. In addition to being played offline this game can also be played in multiplayer so this game is highly recommended for you.

This BADLAND game has also earned several awards so you no longer have to doubt the excitement of playing this game. In Playstore itself this game has been downloaded more than 30 million android phones with an average rating of 4.5.

5. Leo's Fortune

Free Games Without Wifi

One of the unique adventure games is Leo's Fortune. Where the characters are green and without feet invites you to join adventure. Where there are 24 levels available so that will make you challenged to continue play it.

The graphics that exist in this game is so charming and unique that you will not be bored to play this Leo's Fortune game. In addition it can be played offline to your advantage. In Playstore this game including paid, where the price to be able to taste this game is 69.000 rupiah. Even so there are hundreds of thousands of people who have given a positive rating.

6. Lara Croft GO

Free Games Without Wifi

Lara Croft GO is one of the puzzle games as well as the adventure that became the editor's choice. This game allows you to solve existing puzzles to complete missions. Where there are 101 puzzles you have to solve.

The Lara Croft GO game is created by SQUARE ENIX Ltd which is one of the popular game developers. To get the Lara Croft Go game you have to redeem it for about 70,000 rupiah. Rating on Playstore in this game is also very good that is 4.7 and it proves that this game worth to buy.


Free Games Without Wifi

If you have the desire to play a game of football with a friend then the game dream lauge soccer is the answer.

This one android multiplayer offline game can be played by 2 people multiplayer assisted by direct wifi connection.

Gameplay and graphics
Gameplay offered in this game is quite complete, there is no difference that is so striking when compared with other game football game like fifa or real football

But the offline multiplayer mode is what makes the dream lauge soccer game has its own uniqueness

When compared with competitors like fifa, this game is lost in terms of graphics or appearance, although this game remains stunning and interesting to see by the eye.


Free Games Without Wifi

If you have a fighting spirit then this android multiplayer offline game is perfect for you

A boxing game exhibited by 2 monkeys fighting in the boxing arena, an offline multiplayer mode in this game you can play with the help of wifi hotspot network.

Gameplay and graphics

No different from other boxing games you play as real boxers.

There is also a 2 Player Option feature that allows you to play against friends who use the same device using Wi-fi.

This game is also supported with a sound effect that adds exciting game. Display this game has 3 dimensions which will add the quality of this game

9. Minecraf Pocket Edition

Free Games Without Wifi

Who claimed gamers must know this game is usually we only play alone to build a city or village

But in this game there is also an offline multiplayer mode that can be played with wifi hostpot.

Gameplay and graphics
Multiplayer game offline android made mojang is so phenomenal because gameplay side we can find a world full of action and freedom.

In this game there are 2 types of games that is single player and multiplayer.

In the offline multiplayer type there are 2 modes as well as survival or survival mode and creative or creative modes to appreciate the imagination.

In terms of graphics this game is quite unique because the quality is still a bit or equivalent games of the 90s, although this is the uniqueness that makes this game has its own charm.


Free Games Without Wifi

This offline android multilayer game is a sports game that is exactly basketball game called NBA Jam, actually not a new game.

This game has been made since the days of Super Nintendo, before finally landed on the iPhone and android.

In this androd version, the graphics are quite simple but still interesting although the gameplay certainly does not change.

The most highlighted in this game is the offline multiplayer mode that can be played over lan network or wifi hotspot.

Gameplay and graphics
There are 3 main modes in this game namely Play Now, Classic Campaign, and Multiplayer. Play Classic Campaign to unlock locked players, including legendary players, and collect Challenges.

In the Multiplayer option, you can play with friends by utilizing the network lan.
-From the graphic side is not so well and quite casual, although it remains interesting to play.


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