7 Best GPS Application For Android

GPS Application for Android - Smartphones with the Android operating system skyrocketed and sold well and can leave other Smartphone OS, This is because the complete system and applications that can be downloaded via Playstore. There are millions of applications that can help your day to day activities such as social media, entertainment and other applications. Various applications that exist on the Playstore offer convenience for its users, it is also presented by some of the best GPS applications.

GPS has become a necessity for most of the people of Indonesia. GPS is very helpful as a navigator to reach the destination when traveling. GPS can also be used to monitor traffic traffic directly and can also display alternative paths so that faster to the destination. Inside the android smartphone itself is almost entirely equipped with GPS features. Live we download the applications we want and enjoy the direction of the facility tailored to where you life.

GPS uses satellite technology that can track position, record distance, measure distance range, estimate time and as navigator or direction through cellular network. Because it is on android smartphone, you automatically facilitated without having to buy a genuine GPS device, simply with a mobile network capital on your smartphone. Another convenience of GPS applications on android is usually small enough to impress light and not so burdensome your smartphone as well.

In general android GPS applications are divided into 2 of the GPS Offline and Online. Offline function can be used when maps / maps are saved so that the position where you live can be mapped properly and can be used without an Internet connection. But there are times when Maps need to be updated online to update maps via satellite. We've summarized some of the following 7 Best Android GPS Applications that can be listened below.

GPS Application for Android

1. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

GPS Application for Android

The advantage of this application is that it can be used in offline position, so once the maps are updated online, you can use them without internet connection. This application also has a fairly complete fiur and position access on the map is very accurate. You can download this app for free via Google PlayStore. Besides, the app can display 3D map display with HUD feature. This feature presents a more attractive image image quality. In addition there is also a speed notification facility when you're driving. Complete and interesting is not it?

2. BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS

GPS Application for Android

BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS is a maps application that supports topographic functions on the map. You can immediately see the shape of the terrain and the basin that clarify the terrain when passing the journey. This app is suitable for you who love explore or nature adventure. For nature lovers, this application really helps you in seeing the terrain when climbing the mountain. The main advantages of this application is all its features do not require internet access. Besides, this application can also tag the particular location as a destination or other marker.

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3. Real-Time GPS Tracker

GPS Application for Android

This application is an application with a small size but quite a lot of appear. With a capacity of only 2.7 MB this application is also able to run well in android smartphone. With a system integrated with mileage, Dan is able to facilitate the user in traveling. In addition, the location data provided is real-time alias in accordance with the time system. Another feature is the delivery of messages to other smartphone users who use this app.

4. Glympse – Share GPS location

GPS Application for Android

Next there is Glympse GPS that presents the navigation feature as well as share the location directly from your smartphone as well. Simple view with easy-to-understand maps lets you discover different destinations. With a simple design also makes it easy to share the location with others. In addition you can also ask other users to send the location and is very suitable when going to meetings.

5. Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

GPS Application for Android

Then this app also uses offline system to store maps. With a user friendly view will make it easier for you to find locations or find friends. The tag system used is also interesting, because you can add your own location with the point feature. In addition, this application also includes 59 countries in the world, so it is suitable for backpackers or tourists who need a location guide. The weakness of this application is paid, but you can still use it for 30 days trial period.

6. Wisepilot – GPS Navigation

GPS Application for Android

The next application is Wisepilot, where this application is given a feature to track the travel route from various cities. Navigation presented is also very good with the support system of time, distance or in terms of travel estimation. With an easy-to-understand display, this app can display different types of transportation paths that exist in a region. Especially the form of maps that are presented is 3D so the road, and the building looks like the original. Ease for the user is also provided with a sign or tag public place or other facilities that exist in disebuah region.

7. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

GPS Application for Android

The last app is Waze, this app can display information about the state of the road well. With a real-time system, you can be more precise in determining travel to a place. Besides other interesting features of this application is to display the state of the road such as congestion, accidents, disasters and other info. The view presented is also good with the support of 3D map form capable of displaying public places such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and so forth.

Various ease offered Android Application above. With a full range of facilities capable of supporting your trip, the above GPS applications are able to meet your needs. Not only online, some of the above applications can also be used offline even some of which are specially made for you who love adventure in nature. There is also a support location sharing feature that allows you to search and find locations and people.

Not only that messaging feature is also provided by some application vendors to facilitate users to send location and text to other users. GPS applications above there are paid or free, which you can use for free for various purposes. The difference that with pay is the coverage of the maps in the offline system, which pays wider and more detail. Similarly information from us about 7 Best Android Android App, can be a reference for you wherever located.


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