5 Things You Should Know About Smartphone Batteries

5 Things You Should Know about Smartphone Batteries - Many smartphone users who still wonder the smartphone's battery so that durable and can last a long time. Because the battery is the heart of a smartphone. If no battery, then a smartphone can't light up. The resilience of a smartphone battery life is an issue for owners of smartphones, it depends on its use as well. Anyone could survive in a matter of months, and some are holding out until the years.

5 Things You Should Know About Smartphone Batteries

Lithium-ion battery is a kind of adopted a number of smartphone vendors to improve the device until more than two decades, and hasn't changed since Sony started producing it in 1991. Although many scientists are trying to find a way that is much more effective than lithium-ion, but there is currently no type of batteries that completely replaces the domination of lithium-ion.

5 Things You Should Know about Smartphone Batteries

In daily life, many of the assumptions about the Smartphones battery note by Comrade Fedtech. Among them are:

1. What the Smartphone Batteries a must filled when your recently bought ?

A number of sellers many that suggest the user to charge the batteries on Smartphones that recently purchased until full and charger until hours before use. Actually this is not necessary, because the previous types of batteries such as nickel cadmium batteries have "memory effect" which means that the battery will retain a certain capacity based on how they have been filled and emptied. Battery type lithium-ion are more modern, most societies agree that there is no such effect and the battery is more reliable.

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 2. The battery power is decreasing over time?

Battery power will indeed weaken if used, the more frequent battery charging then the battery will decrease.

 3. Is it true to charge the battery for too long can damage the battery?

Not too. Many have assumed that "charging" battery smartphone too long can make the battery condition deteriorates. Modern battery system, could reduce the voltage, so that it will adjust the required power needs. Except for the smartphone in conditions of overheat. The heat causes the lithium-ion battery performance decreases. Hot temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius can damage the battery.

4. Is it true a have to wait until the blank, when your will be  fill to battery ?

Not too. You can charge smartphone according to your needs. Due to a long battery charging cycle is actually worse than at the moment. The conclusion is to use smartphone with a battery for a minimum of 50 per cent, then do the charging again and wear it to below 50 percent, better than the completely empty.

5. Does turning off Wi-Fi can improve battery life?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have different characters in a draining battery power. Turn off the two connectivity can indeed make batteries more efficient, but not too influential. When the signal is unstable telecommunication networks and Smartphones work searching for a signal, however very draining battery power.


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