The Best Camera Apps For Android

The Best Camera Apps For Android - Smartphone cameras have evolved and progressed so rapidly. Android phone owners have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of applications of the camera, with features such as multiple shot modes, composition overlays, steady shot helpers, editing tools and special effects post-processing.

While it now amateur photography has become a trend. A lot of people who enjoy taking photos with the camera smartphone. The default camera app that offered each of the vendors like Samsung and HTC are indeed quite good. However, sometimes we want something a little bit different or unique. That's when we look at applications from party 3.

An application can compensate for quality camera shooting conditions are less than ideal or help the photo becomes more beautiful. We have tried various camera application available on Google android Play and this is the best.

The following 10 best Android camera apps version we are mostly filled by a paid application. The camera application for free, you can see the list of The best camera apps for Android.

Manual Camera

The Best Camera Apps For Android

The experienced photographer will probably love the Manual Camera, which provides a wide selection of settings where no other camera applications offer.

Shutter speed, focus, white balance, exposure and you can control every detail of a camera. The application also allows you to save pictures in RAW format, which offers completely new possibilities for further processing.

So, if you took the photo is quite serious, but still want to use a smartphone, Camera Manual is an excellent solution. But be careful, the app requires a lot of new API of Android 5.0 Lollipop, so currently only available to users who receive updates on the latest OS.

Open Camera

The Best Camera Apps For Android

When you want a light and fast camera app, OPen the camera is the best option out there. This application is completely free and contains almost all of the customization options that you might need, such as manual focus, ISO and exposure time (assuming you have Android 5.0 API Camera2, contained in the Android Lollipop).

One of the things that makes this application exceptional i.e. you can add a widget to your home screen, which quickly opens the application and take a picture with a single tap. This is useful if we need to take images quickly without his best results whatsoever. If not, an option that is provided in the application will help you get the image looks as desired.

Camera FV-5

The Best Camera Apps For Android

Camera FV-5 intended for fans of photography and incorporating the feature-set and the interface like a DSLR manually. The application is packed with a variety of settings within easy reach, such as ISO, white balance, focus mode, and more. An intervalometer lets you set the time lapse Photography and video, while long exposure mode lets you make low light photos and the way of light. If you liked the tweak manually, may 5-FV Cameras application is right for you.

Google Camera

The Best Camera Apps For Android

Google camera is one of the best camera app that offers a clean and simple interface (no features such AS ISO, white balance or filter). Instead, there is a special feature like Photo Sphere and Panorama mode, which works very well, and Lens Blur.

Unfortunately, the application of this camera seems to have problems on some devices, with many users report frequent crashes, but this application is quite worthy to get the best camera app predicates, as it can produce some great results when working properly.


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