Stock Market Apps For Android

Stock Market Apps For Android

Stock Market Apps For Android - As an activity that demands routine monitoring, observation and intense stock market a very dynamic indeed requires the right tools. Currently with the sophistication of the technology stock market observers, will be facilitated in order to monitor the movement of stock this nicely.

How do you do? By using the current smartphone technology You will be able to get stock market information quickly and easily. Smartphones are getting increasingly sophisticated day indeed has many beneficial to humans because it is also supported by the application.

On application made by the developers of the first party to third parties. This is what makes smart phones can You use and take advantage to continue to monitor the stock prices on the financial markets. By downloading and installing it, You as an observer of the stock market will be ready to run its activities smoothly. Then what is the only application that can help the observer shares to run its activities? Following his review.

1.IDX Mobile

The first application to help you monitor the stock market quickly and easily through a smartphone is a IDX mobile. With this application you will be informed in real time about the running order book trade, stock watch, to stock quotes.

After Downloading and registering, you will receive a verification email form code to log on to this application. Once you've registered and open the application, you will be treated to nine bar menu with image icons according their functions.

The icons include the menu index, stock, news, virtual trading, portfolio, message, settings, notify and sign out icon menu. The movement of stock indices on this IDX mobile application itself has been connected directly with the Indonesia stock exchange (IDX) data so that changes can be seen in real time.


By using the online trading system, the application of these Poems are quite popular among the growing investors in monitoring the movement of stock prices in real time. But to be able to use this application you must register in advance, because this application is specific to clients ' Poems ' that have been registered. On the home page of the application itself is already showing the value of the movement of exchange rates in the update.

3.Stock Info Stock Exchange

If you want to connect automatically without registration to be able to figure out the movement of the stock market then stock info Stock Exchange application can be in 2008. With this application You will receive information in stock indexes and update in real time, because it is directly connected with the IDX (Jakarta Stock Exchange). To be able to use the application you just simply download it on Play Store or App Store. After downloading and installing it, You will find three main menu, i.e. global, regional and news.

Global menu is used to show the movement of the stock price index throughout the world. Whereas if you select the regional menu there will be several options menu again on the regional stock index to the movement of stocks most active or most popular.

And news of its own will offer updated news discuss about current stock price info. The data on this application are collected from various sources that the values and the content is dynamic and changing all the time. With conditions so then you don't have to worry about missed the stock market information every day.

4.MetaTrader 4

Finally, an application that will help you to monitor the movement of the stock market with ease is a MetaTrader 4. In contrast to other stock apps, with MetaTrader 4 You will be helped to monitor the movement of the exchange rate every second. Pull it again with this application you will get a graph of movements in exchange rates in real time. The application itself has supported the Forex trading always buy and sell values update every second.

In his own appearance, this application is quite simple with detail and display the menu on the left side of the screen. With MetaTrader 4 forex trading is more easy for you to access. Currently own this application has connected with more 1,000 server from brokerage firms that use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.


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