Projector App For Android Phone

Projector App For Android Phone - Projector Quick Connection for Android is an application that allows you to send image files, document files and the web site content for the projector Hitachi compatible via LAN wireless connection (Wi-Fi) by using your device.

Projector App For Android Phone

image-display photos, document files and web sites using the projector Hitachi compatible
-Support "Open In. ..." to import the file that you want to display
projectors-Search on the network automatically by using the Auto Discovery function
-Supports up to four (4) device at the same time including the iPad
-Built-in command control the projector as basic as electricity, switch the input source and others
-Supports slide show image files
The name-change the input source button
The function of the shoot-Photo

supported file for projection
-PDF (. pdf)
-JPEG (.JPEG, .jpg)

the projection function remote control
change Input
-Voice Control

Hitachi projector compatible
To use this application, optional USB Wireless Adapter (USB-WL-11N) is required.
Cp-X2015WN, CP-X2515WN, CP-X3015WN, CP-X4015WN, CP-WX2515WN, CP-WX3015WN, CP-X8150, CP-WX8240, CP-WU8440, CP-X8160, CP-WX8255, CP-WU8450, CP-SX8350, CP-X2514WN, CP-X3014WN, CP-X4014WN, CP-WX3014WN, CP-X3021WN, CP-X2521WN, CP-X2021WN, CPX11WN, CPWX12WN, CP-A222WN, CP-AW252WN, CP-X2530WN, CP-X3030WN, CP-WX3030WN

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