Note 3 Battery Life

Buletin UP - Now the average Smartphone equipped with wide screen, fast processor and large RAM support for multitasking ability is high. As a result, the tendency to use excessive smartphone ever gets bigger.

The impact of excessive use of smartphones it can make addiction to smartphones, as well as the battery life becomes short. This time I will give you 3 ways to extend battery life.

How to save and prolong battery life Smartphone

definitely not new ticks also use 3 months, your smartphone's battery must be replace? In order to extend the life of the battery use of smartphones, you can perform the following ways.

1.Don't Let The Smartphone Overheat

Your Smartphone will overheat if used continuously. In order not to overheat, try using a smartphone wisely, such as using the camera only when necessary, and turn off the application's background.

2.Do Not Charge Batteries Overnight

Though many Smartphones already provided the auto cut-off feature when the battery is full, but strongly not recommended to recharge the battery overnight smartphone. This will trigger the overheat on the surface of a smartphone, and make Your smartphone's battery quickly broke down.

In order for Your smartphone battery life is longer, we recommend that you make a rechargeable battery smartphones when the battery stay 30% and revoke time filled about 80%. It aims to keep Your smartphone battery life cycle.

3.Turn On The Battery Saver

Since the smartphone Android 5.0 and Lollipop has provided has a battery Saver. By enabling this feature, when in a State of smartphone battery low battery, then the system will automatically reduce the performance of the CPU.

If you save your smartphone in a State of full performance when the battery is weak, Your smartphone will trigger a decline in the quality and age of the smartphone You own.


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