How To Send Pictures From iPhone To Android

Buletin Up - as we know, iPhone user actually still much trouble to send files such as photos, videos, songs and other files to devices like android. because we have been pampered with bluetooth feature to receive and send data while using the device, in addition to the iPhone.

Now you do not need to be confused anymore if you have photos on the iPhone device and would like to share directly to other devices like the Samsung Galaxy android or other. Because now comes an application that will simplify how to transfer photo from iPhone to Android. The application named Xender, this application is available for both Android and iOS can be installed for free.

1.Please download the respective applications on Your Android or iPhone via the following link Xender for iPhone or Xender for Android

2.After the iPhone and Android devices are done in the open, please donwload, for iPhone will usually appear every to and access Your photos and videos, click ok. connect your Android device for the iPhone, please go to the apps that are already downloaded, then tap the "+" icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen and select the "create a group" and wait a few moments until the Group finishes.

4.After his group finished, the tethering feature automatically you will be active with a name similar to this code "ADYYYXN1".

5.the iPhone please close first Xender Application on your device, then go to settings and turn on your wifi, then connect the iPhone with network group (tehering) that have been created in the android with code similar to the above.

6.After iPhone tethering connection and connect with the access point code as this code "ADYYYN1" when it is on android. Please reopen Xender application on your iPhone, you will see both of these devices are connected and ready to send and receive data. send photos and video from iPhone to android. Please tap your photographs to the next marked, please tap on send button found on the bottom of the screen. quickly android devices will receive the data.

How? Interested in using it? Now you can transfer the photos quickly with just one finger to the screen only. Sophisticated, isn't it?


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