How To Save Youtube Videos On Android

Buletin UP - There are many reasons why you want to save or download videos from YouTube. When you are in a low coverage area the signal to open the streaming video will be so long and tedious, let alone a video you want to watch high quality.

Basically youtube videos themselves can be added offline direct from the Android App by the end of 2014. But if they (a Youtuber) placing the video downloaded by users, then we will not be able to save the video and run when offline.

How To Save Youtube Videos On Android

The way is not the most flexible to download YouTube videos to your Android device, but at least the features already supported by Youtube.

If you want the freedom to download YouTube videos on Android, then you should need to do is download the Youtube video providers site or may use a third party application that is available in Google Play.

The preparation of the:

  • Use the Youtube Application and web browser (I think both these applications are readily available when you first buy an Android phone)

How To Download Youtube Videos

Step 1 - Go to applications then search the Youtube video that you will download or save the video After that want to download or save then tap the Share icon.
How To Save Youtube Videos On Android

Step 2 - After pressing the button share Youtube application will display the option to split your videos, select Copy Link.

How To Save Youtube Videos On Android

Step 3 - Open the web browser of Android phones and typed in the Address bar

How To Save Youtube Videos On Android

Step 4 - Paste the link share the Youtube App already you get the previous column Enter the URL and then click the down arrow icon.

Select the resolution of the video you want to download and press the download button, the video will be automatically downloaded, please wait until the download process is complete.

How To Save Youtube Videos On Android

Maybe just the tutorial on "how to make an easy save Youtube videos on Android without additional applications" that we can provide. May be useful and adds science to you all. Thank you...


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