How To Root Huawei Honor Pro Android Smartphone 2017

How To Root Huawei Honor Pro Android Smartphone - Some people have difficulty in doing the rooting android, in particular brands of china is generally uncommon in use. actually needs rooting not at require and not everyone wants android rooting. But for most people rooting on android is a need that many of its functions.

How To Root Huawei Honor Pro Android Smartphone

There are many ways that can be done to root android smartphone, from flashing use PCS, Zip installer and with the application can be made directly through HP. To facilitate and guide you in doing the rooting Android Huawei this time I share a tutorial of how I me Root android Huawei with just 1 click. This is certainly the easiest way and I make sure it works. with your android Huawei records type list below.
  • Huawei A199
  • Huawei C8650
  • Huawei C8810
  • Huawei C8812
  • Huawei C8812e
  • Huawei C8813
  • Huawei C8813D
  • Huawei C8813Q
  • Huawei C8815
  • Huawei C8825D
  • Huawei C8950D
  • Huawei G510
  • Huawei G520
  • Huawei G520 T10
  • Huawei G610C
  • Huawei HN3
  • Huawei MT1
  • Huawei P6 C00
  • Huawei P6 T00
  • Huawei P6 U06
  • Huawei T8620
  • Huawei T8830
  • Huawei T8830 Pro
  • Huawei T8833
  • Huawei T8951
  • Huawei U8833
  • Huawei U8860
  • Huawei U9508
  • Huawei Y210C
  • Huawei Y210S
  • Huawei Y300C
  • Huawei Y320T
  • Huawei Y500
  • Huawei U9200
  • Huawei U9200E
  • Huawei U9500
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Steps and how to Root Huawei Using PC (Kingoroot)

  1. Download KingoRoot PC
  2. USB data Kable [ Micro USB ]
  3. PC / Laptop
Steps Root
  1. Open the File that is already in the download above then Install KingoRoot on your PC.
  2. Click Next to continue installing KingoRoot.
  3. Click Accept to accept the terms and conditions of KingoRoot.
  4. Next connect the Android that will be in the Root by using the USB cable [Micro USB].
  5. Make sure the internet connection is connected because kingoroot will download the driver needed first.
  6. Install the HP drivers that you have downloaded earlier.
  7. KingoRoot detect HP android just in connect, make sure you have enable USB debugging.
  8. After the USB debug Active application will detect your next android HP Model please click ROOT.
    How To Root Huawei Honor Pro Android Smartphone
  9. The Root process running, KingoRoot displays a percentage as well on Android is being in the ROOT.
    How To Root Huawei Honor Pro Android Smartphone
  10. The process of Rooting your Android now is over and you're in Root.
    How To Root Huawei Honor Pro Android Smartphone
The cause of rooting Failed
  • Android you have used a custome ROM – in this tutorial I am always using original ROM/Official. If you currently use a custome ROM please just try but I can't be sure that rooting will succeed.
  • The drivers have not been installed – make sure that the drivers of HP is completely installed because if not installed then the HP and computers cannot communicate at the time of rooting.
  • USB Debugging is not yet active – USB debug this function to allow Kingoroot to be able to write data to a Super user like rooting HP, soo make sure USB debugging is on.


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