How To Restore The Missing Android IMEI

BuletinUP, How To Restore The Missing Android IMEI - The word IMEI may not sound familiar to you already struggling and often explore the things that connect with a mobile phone. For the uninitiated, this is a row of IMEI numbers of very vital once its function to an android-based smart phones.  If this IMEi no in an android android it will most likely be losing signal which causes could not perform the call, message, as well as connect to the internet.

There are several causes that might make this IMEI lost on an android device.  Things like Flash, Bootloop, Hard Reset or Factory Reset as well as Root can be a cause of the IMEI which disappeared in android.  If you experience a loss of IMEI, now you can restore the IMEI to use the way that we will explain.

But before you use the way that we will give this you make sure first android that you have been in the Root though indeed on some phones do not require root.  In addition to Root you should download and install MTK applications Engineering Mode in advance at Google Play Store or try logging in by pressing * # * # 3646633 # * # *.  If the terms are met then the following this is how to restore the missing android IMEI.

How To Restore The Missing Android IMEI

1. First you can take notes in advance IMEI which is owned by your cell phone. The IMEI is normally located inside the rear Casing of the battery.  For who has a mobile phone with dual SIM then you can record the second IMEI.
2. If you already write down then you can reignite the mobile phone you have. followed by opening the application Engineering MTK Mode on android its IMEI is lost.
3. Tap Menu MTK Setting.
4. You will enter into a page whose contents is a number of options. Here you can find and choose menu Connectivity-> CDS Information.
5. The next step you can select Radio Information.
6. In the Information Radio option you will find some boxes that you have to fill in later.
7. Page of the required fields you have to search for the words "AT +" which you then add to be "AT + EGMR = 1.7." THE IMEI NUMBER WHICH IS RECORDED ".
8. After charging it then you can send the information by pressing the button Send At Command. Writing AT Command is sent will appear if the IMEI you sent was successfully delivered.
9. For those of you who have a mobile phone with dual SIM can do the same thing i.e. Enter IMEI number before sending it.
10. If the notice was sent and the IMEI number you get then you could do a Restart on the android phone you have.
11. Now you can just do the checking process by pressing * # 06 # or go to settings-phone-About > > Info.
12. Congratulations you've got android IMEInya back.

If you've been following step by step of how we provide then it should indeed IMEI in android has returned. But if it's still not back you should check again and make sure there are no missed steps. That's the last how to restore the missing android IMEI.  Thank you and good luck.


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