How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5 (Tutorial) 2017

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5 - Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship of Samsung that has a high specification and a very sharp display. But regardless of the hardware specifications, many users including me a spare TouchWiz user interface found on the Galaxy S5.

A typical user interface that Samsung makes Android operating system feels heavy. As a result, many users may be wondering, "if I can replace a heavy user interface?" The answer can be. You can do all that by gaining root access on this device.

Root access is very useful to do many things such as removing the provisioning application and if you're experienced enough change the entire operating system with a custom ROM like CyanogenMod or MIUI. With it, the Galaxy S5 you have can operate better and according to your needs. In a sense, you can choose whatever applications you want to use the application without being interrupted by ' junk '.

It should be noted that:
  • Warranty Samsung Galaxy smartphone S5 you will scorch when you do the process of rooting.
  • Tech in Asia is not responsible in case of damage to your device due to incorrect implementation of the measures and other reasons.
  • Tech in Asia do not support the use of root access for the installation of pirated apps.

How to obtain root access 

The S5 is Samsung Galaxy devices quite unique since this device has several different versions depending on your country. This makes the process of rooting it becomes more difficult to the extent that the users of the S5 Galaxy provides a gift of USD 18,000 (USD 220 million) to anyone who managed to create the rooting tool. 

George Hotz or Geohot can be called a managed to get the prize. George is a famous hacker who managed to perform jailbreak – root process on iOS – on the iPhone first and do the unlock on the PlayStation 3. He created a tool that is named [Towelroot], and it is an application that lives in-install on Samsung Galaxy devices Your S5. How is very easy:

1. Tap settings Unknown Source

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

From the Settings, go into parts of the System. In this menu, look for the settings of Unknown Source and the check box beside it.

2. Download and install application Towelroot

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

Enter into the website Towelroot directly from your smartphone and tap on the symbol lambda. Or you can download the apk here. After that, install the application directly Towelroot as you install the application.


3. Get root access

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

When you open the application, you will find a button that says "make it rain" tap on this button to begin the process of rooting. This application will take about 20 seconds.

4. Make sure you have gained root access

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

Use an application such as Root Checker can be downloaded direct from Google Play Store. When you open the app, tap on the button Verify Root to find out whether you are successful or not. If successful, you will get a notification like the picture above. Congratulations, you've managed to gain root access

5. Install Access Manager application root

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

Now, all applications can access the root of your smartphone. In order to be safe, use Access Manager application root as SuperSU to control any applications that you allow to get root access.

6. Update Superuser Binaries

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

When you first run the application SuperSU, you will be given notification to update Superuser Binaries. Tap on the button Continue, and select Normal. Additional notification will appear that asks you to remove features Samsung Knox: tap on the button No thanks. Galaxy S5 you will restart by itself.

7. Give access to the applications that you believe

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

If SuperSU is already installed, when an application asks for root access, you will get a notification as above. Deny to deny such applications use root access and Grant to give the app root access

8. Install additional applications

How To Jailbreak Galaxy S5

Once you get root access, now is the time control of your smartphone. Install applications which allow you to remove the default applications such as System app remover (ROOT). Or install other applications from Google Play Store that has frills (ROOT) in tow.


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