How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android

Buletin UP - Due to the occurrence of safe mode on Android Smartphone due to the occurrence of corrupt/errors in the application that has been installed on the Android system, this could make the android system is not functioning at all.

To the question above about the emergence of safe mode on Hp's Android, we will share the stage of resolving the question of safe mode on Your Android.

This article will discuss three how to turn off safe mode on your Android, Hp if you are seeking to address the safe mode, please follow this article until it is finished.

How To Get Out Of Safe Mode Android

Step 1 of 3: restart your Android device.

1. Why did the Safe Mode in Turn
On the custom in safe mode turn on due to the occurrence of serious errors in the application that is installed, there is also the onset of crashes on Android devices. If safe mode is not attached of course android devices will not be started up, with the safe mode we can restart quickly to resolve the issue.

2. Check The Notifications Panel
Most of the Android notification has the safe mode that can change, by automatically booting and out of safe mode without having to do anything. This is an easy way to turn off safe mode on android.

3. Press the power button and hold
At a time when the menu appears, select power off or restart. Your phone will restart, or booting You restart your Android phone after turned off, if you do not live with Android is normal, then continues to follow the next step.

4. Turn on an android smarphone by pressing the Power button + Volume Down
This button is very useful to get out of safe mode, each Android had a different button to get out of safe mode is active.

5. Remove the battery on your Android device
If your android device could be issued a battery please let go in order to get out of safe mode, wait a few minutes for all the android system stops the flow of electricity on the device, and then try your restart your android phone.

Step 2 of 3: delete applications on Android devices

1. Application that makes safe Mode comes up
You must remove the application that made the emergence of safe mode, if you do not know where that application, please remove your new application install, maybe it is a new application that makes safe mode appears. After that restart your mobile phone.

2. Open the settings application
find and open the settings app on your home screen of the device, or on the App, and dining Drawer notifications.

3.Click the "Apps" or "application" will then appear in the form a list of applications that s installed
Please switch to the tab "Downloaded" tab yet if you choose.

4. Please remove the application
Please remove the new application you install on Your android smartphone.

The trick here:

-Open the settings, Apps, select the tab Download
-Click on the application you want to remove.
-After that restart your device again.
-If you keep it in safe mode, remove all the applications you'll ever plug it in, turn it off and starting again.
-If it still goes into safe mode. Please follow the last stage.

Step 3 of 3: reset the phone to the beginning

1. Save all your android data (Backup)
to begin to Setup hp android you, then you should save all the files in memory hp. final phase Is to turn off safe mode on your device.

2. Please do go back to the original settings on your android.
-Open the Settings application and select "Backup & reset".
-Select "Factory Data Reset" and confirm that you do indeed want to reset your device.
-Wait for the reset is complete. This can take up to twenty minutes or more. proceed to step 4 If you have successfully reset your device.

This is a tutorial 3 phase turn off Safe Mode in Hp Android, if people are not working please leave a comment, if success please like or share this article to others by clicking on the buttons of social networks.


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