How To Get Iphone Emojis For Android

Buletin UP - On this occasion I will share tutorials and tricks Android about installing Emoji iPhone on Android Without Root. Emoji or we know well as an Emoticon is a symbol or combination of symbols used to describe a person's facial expression through the medium of digital communication. Usually this emoticon symbols contain the emotion or feeling that someone is presented in the form of a message or text. For those of you who are active in social media is definitely never or even often uses emoji as expressions of you when doing chat to friends or other people.

In its own Android phones already available many emoticons or emoji for us as users, but not a few people who think that the symbols in emoji Android not as exciting and as good as the one on the iPhone. Although basically the same, but everyone is sure got his taste of each. And no one too if anyone is saying that iPhone's emoji are more attractive than on Android. For it was at this time the post will be shared tutorial on how to change the iPhone's emoji Android emoji (iOS) without root at all.

Here is how to install Emoji iPhone on Android Without Root:

1.First of all, download and install the application first, namely Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 3 at the following link > > Download Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 3.
2.Once completed installed, open the application on your Android phone
3.Press on the icon, and select A font type 3 Fonts into Emoji, and press Download.
4.Furthermore if you want to string up the results of the emojinya, please press the app's look at this font.
5.Try to type the emoji keyboard on the display then emoji Android will turn into emoji on your iPhone.

that's post your Android tips and tricks about how to install Emoji iPhone on Android without roots, may be useful to you all...


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