How To Disable Safe Mode On Android

How To Disable Safe Mode On Android

How To Disable Safe Mode On Android - Safe mode on Android Smartphone is caused due to the occurrence of corrupt/error on application in pairs. This could make the android system is not functioning at all. This article will discuss three how to turn off safe mode on the Hp Android you, if you are looking for overcoming the safe mode, please follow this article until it is finished.

2 Method Ways To Disable Safe Mode On Android

Method 1 : Delete Applications
Bad applications are the most common reasons that make the device go into Safe Mode. Delete latest applications may be able to fix your device and allows you to do a boot normally. But before you delete an application, you need to know when was the last time you download an application that makes your device goes into Safe Mode. Read the steps below to remove the application

  • Go to the Settings Menu  > Select Apps > Search suspicious Applications
  • Restart your device. If you're still booting into Safe Mode, delete the additional applications you have installed. If you delete the application does not solve your problem, proceed to the next section.

Method 2 : Reset your device
Creates a backup of your data when it is in Safe Mode. If the steps above are not able to eject your devices from Safe Mode, you may need to do the cleaning and resetting the device to factory settings. This will delete all data on the device and go back to the factory settings. When you are done, the device seems like new. This means you have to back up any data you might want to save while in Safe Mode.

You can connect your Android device to the computer and copy the important data to back up, or you can upload all your data to the cloud-based service such as Google Drive.
  • Open the Settings application and select "Backup & reset"
  • Select "Factory Data Reset" and confirm that your indeed want to reset your device.
If you can't use the menu Settings, or how this does not work, see the next step.

Reset your device using the Recovery Mode :
  • Turn off your device is fully
  • Press and hold down the Recovery Mode. The combination varies depending on the model of the device you are using.  Usually by pressing Power + Volume down and Power + Volume Up +  Home. You can find the combination for the model of your device with the device model doing a search on the internet. d press and hold the button until you see the Recovery Mode menu appears on the screen.
  • Use the Volume keys on your device to highlight "wipe data/factory reset" and press the Power button to select it.
  • Scroll down and select "Yes" to confirm that you do indeed want to reset the device. Use the Power button to select "Yes".
  • Wait until the process is completed

Source : WikiHow


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