How To Clear Search History On Android

Buletin Up - After searching for something in Google search results but can not see other people when your smartphone is in loan? You can delete it directly from Android. want to know how?

There are several ways that you can do to delete the Google search history on Android. This is his ways??

How To Clear Search History On Android

Remove one by one from Google Now

This does sound way more difficult. However it is useful for you who do not want to delete all the Google search history.

1,open Google Apps Now (slide the screen to Google Now Launcher, or press the Home button for a few seconds and touch the icon "G" below)
2.Tap in the search field of Google, and some Google search history or history will appear
3.Tap for a few seconds on searches that will be deleted
4.Pilih Delete

Delete all search history

Clear all history searches, you can also delete all your history or history of Google search on the website You can also access them via Google Now with Google Now > Settings > Accounts & privacy > My Activity. Here's how:

1.Go to site
2.Press (press) the button in the top left hand corner, select delete activity
3.You can delete the history from a variety of Google products. Because we discuss search, then select search.
4.You can delete the history based on span and can Delete by date
5.Once you are sure, select delete
6.Select okay

It's her way of deleting history or history of your search on Google. Hopefully helpful...


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