How To Change Your Face Into Anime on Android

How To Change Your Face Into Anime on Android - An activity image capture or more simply called the photograph has indeed become activities that are familiar to those of us who live in the digital age as of now.  In the digital age as now filming activities or this photo is very easy to do, especially by those with a smart phone devices.  Especially if they have a smart phone has a camera features high resolution quality with excellent shooting.

How To Change Your Face Into Anime on Android

But even though they had a smartPhone equipped with camera features high quality, in fact once they take a picture or a photograph always just apply a filter in an application before they upload photos that they took into last social media.  Yes, the editing process is often times they do so the photos they take last look nicer and prettier or more handsome.

In the process of editing to make it look pretty or handsome is the usual things that do.  But what if you try a more unique editing process that is by replacing your existing face in the photograph into a face that is in the cast of the anime.  You can change your face become part of the cast of the anime.  If you do want to try it then consider how to change the face of easily into anime which we will explain below.

How To Change Your Face Into Anime

  1. The first step that you can do to do the editing process changed the face of the cast of the anime is to download and install an application called PicSay Pro.
  2. The next step after you've finished installing it then you let the application first and then look for the picture of the face of the anime character that later will you apply to the face that is in the photo.
  3. If you've found a picture of a face cast of the anime you want then you can look for and determine the photos where you will edit and change his face into an anime character.
  4. Next after you specify the photos to be edited then you can open the Menu Effect – > Insert an existing Picture in the application
  5. .Next you can go back looking for anime character face that had previously been stored in the android phone that you have
  6. After selecting a face cast of anime and integrate it into the application then you can simply adjust the size and position of the images from the anime character to fit and precision with your face in the photo
  7. If you feel the image of the face of the your last anime figures adjust the size and position are already similar and liking then you just choose the check mark Green is located on the right upper part.
  8. When we edit photos there are plenty of face or you use a photo with you and you want to edit it as well then you can just repeat the steps above you did.
  9. Make sure you choose the sign of each you already edit or change a person's face with the face of the anime.
  10. When you are finished changing the face into anime then you can just save the results of your edits by way of Export-> Save Picture.

Like that's the last way of changing the face into anime.  You can very easily do so. Good luck and have fun.


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