How To Backup My Android Phone ( With Pictures )

How To Backup My Android Phone - Backup data and files on the android phones are indeed very important. But most people ignore it. So they often lose important data and files, lost sms, contacts, and others.

To avoid this, then the required backups at regular intervals on the Android phone. No one know if one day data and files on android phones could be lost and erased.

Whether it's due to replace the ROM, factory reset, malware attacks, the file is accidentally deleted, replace a new phone and others.

You may be very careful about keeping data and files in order to stay safe, natural disaster, but the name will not be rejected, and the disaster will still come.

If you are not ready, then remove all the nightmare games, photos, music, videos, contacts, sms, and important documents on your mobile phone.

In order that the nightmare doesn't happen, then simply read this article until it is finished.
"Backup your files on your phone, secure the data so as not to disappear forever." 

How do I backup all the data on an Android phone?

In this guide I will explain some of the methods in the backup file, some methods work for hp android is not yet diroot.

Read until completion if you want to successfully backing up all data in Your andro hp.

1. Data backup on Android with "Google Backup"

This way utilize the Backup feature in menu Reset & settings. All Android phones have this feature. This is the easiest way to backup your passwords, preferences, application data, and others.

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Results file backup will be synchronized with your Google account, so if you want to restore the file, login to your mobile phone using the Google account you use to perform backups.
  • Go to Settings» Personal» Backup & Reset
  • Next turn on the "Back up my data".

  • Return to the settings menu and select Personal» Account and Sync.
  • Then login using your Google account you use on android phones.
  • Do a Backup with Google sinkrokinasi process.
  • Next will be performing a list of data that can be backed up. Select which need only, or all of them if you want to secure.
  • Wait a few moments until the synchronization process is complete.
In excess this way , that is easy. Don't need root access, need not be a computer/PC to perform backups.

The drawback is, some types of files such as movies, games, photos and music can not be backed up.


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