How to Backup my Android phone With Easy Backup & Restore

This application can backup your contacts, message, mms, bookmarks, calendar and call logs. This application you can get for free at Play Store.

But keep in mind that the application of Easy Backup can't Restore & backing up music, videos, documents or photos. Alternatively, use the PC/computer to backup the file and save it to a Flashdisk  or hard drive.

How to Backup my Android phone With Easy Backup & Restore:


  • Download the application at the link above
  • Next, Install and run the application. You will be prompted to create a backup. Select "Yes".
  • Next select what data you want to backup. Then select OK.
  • Then select the storage location
  • If you want to backup your data to a cloud service like dropbox, gmail, one drive, and so forth, you are required to Sign In to your account first. If you select the SD Card, select the folder storage.
  • Specify the file name, or file name default is also not a problem.

  • After that select OK to perform backups. Wait a few moments until the process is complete, the processing time depends on the magnitude of the data.

If you want to restore your files/data, simply open the application Easy Backup and select Restore.

Related :

Recover applications that have been backed up a little different way. Open Easy Backup Apps, and select Apps Tools and select tab Archieved.

Select any application that wants to be restored, and select the Install button.

If you are already on the android root, then you can also backup the save data with applications. If it is not in the root, then you can only backup file its only apk.
This way of backing up applications and data using Easy Backup & Restore:

  • Open the application Easy Backup & Restore.
  • Then select the Apps Tools.
  • Next, notification will appear in the next point I have described above, that if Android is already in the root, then it could be backing up applications and their data. If it is not in the root
  • So can only backup files its application
  • Select OK to continue.
  • After that, select the application that you want to backup.
  • Next select the BACKUP
  • Wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  • Please check in the folder where you save the results of backup.


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