How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

Buletin UP - A little description of the safe mode is the only way to get into the mobile phone malware is affected. When Your OS is being damaged, it will not be easy for you to run the same. That's where the safe mode comes into play.

In safe mode, you will get limited specs with Android experience is not smooth. He won't even allow you to install applications and operate with them too.

I have seen in some forums that people encountering problems with safe mode on Android that they couldn't get out of it. That's why today I am here with this tutorial on how to disable safe mode.

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

As I said before, not all of us know how to take off safe mode. So here in this post, you will know the same. Plus, I'll give you an idea of what it means to safe mode.

What Is Safe Mode Mean?

Safe mode on Android over troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem with your phone, such as the use of unusual data or large battery drain.

In safe mode, you will not be able to run third-party applications. So, you can get to know if the application that you download is causing the problem or not.

safe mode uses only minimal features of Android. Every time you find Your device dies and does not boot normally, you can reboot safe mode to check out what the cause of this problem is.

In addition, you may have some new messages and notifications on when the device starts behaving weirdly. You can read all of them utilize the safe mode.Do you still have a question, ' what is safe mode on my phone? '.So it's time to explore the core part of which is how to take the phone off of safe mode.

How to get the phone off Safe Mode?

So here we are, nearing the point of this post. Are you ready to find out how to get out of safe mode Android? Here you go!

Method 1: perform the normal Reboot

Here you will reboot your phone normally. In most cases, this will help you get rid of safe mode on Android.

Follow these steps to turn off safe mode on Android.

1.Take your mobile phone and press the power button. (The button on the side of the phone you hit to wake up your phone is the power button).

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

2.Now, you will get a lot of options like Power Off, Restart, turn on Flight Mode, etc from them, you have to choose the latter.

Method 2: turn off your device

This process is similar to the first. Here, we will turn off the devices reboot.

1.Press the power button.
2.From the selection, select Power Off.
3.Allow the device to rest in the off mode for a while and then, turn your device back on.

Method 3: pull out the battery

If both the above methods does not come to save you, you can try this method. Unfortunately, this will not help with your mobile phone has a non-removable battery.
How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

1.Lift up Your Android phone and remove the case back.
2.Remove the case back will reveal some of the interior part of your mobile phone. Now, what we will do is pull out the battery from there you have a detachable one.
3.Don't do anything after removing the battery because it takes some time to release all capacitors.
4.After some time, activate the device and there you are.

Method 4: Power Key and the Volume Rocker

Most of the time, chaos does not know how to get out of safe mode Android happen because you don't know how you get there. The majority of people reach safe mode by pressing the power button and the volume rocker one.

We will use it to take off safe mode.
1.Turn off your device, by the way, I share as method 2.
2.Press the power button and the volume rocker one for some time. And you will get out of safe mode when the phone has finished booting up.

Note: you may need to try with both volume buttons individually if you find one do not work.

Method 5: Factory Reset

If none of the methods above you, factory reset would probably help you out.Follow these steps to get out of safe mode with the factory reset your phone.

1.Open the settings of your mobile phone. (Most phones have the button Settings in the notification panel at this time).

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

2.Scroll down to find the option called Backup and Reset. Feel free to press on.

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

3.Select factory settings. In some other phones, it might delete all user data. (If you want to save the data, don't forget to take a backup).

How Do I Get My Phone Out Of Safe Mode

4.You will be shown a disclaimer. Read it and proceed to the process by pressing on the phone.
5.This will take a while to complete the process. Select the Reboot system now the completion.
6.Press the power button again to turn on the device.

Here I share tutorials, which will not make you a headache to do. There are other methods that include wiping Your device the entire cache on the boot level. But I think, the method given above can save your cell phone.


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