Free Download Zip File Extractor For Android

Free Download Zip File Extractor For Android  - As we know that most files obtained via the internet is stored in many different kinds of formats, such as .zip,. rar and other types. To open these files on your android device, you need the application the extractor for each format. But in General, applications of extractor or the compresser already supports many formats of files, so you can simply install which is the best among them.

Well, if you are currently looking for a Zip File Extractor For Android, abca enough this article until it is finished. Because below we have recommended 5 applications for Android in the extractor. Here more information

The 5 Best Zip, RAR, and Unzip Apps For Android

1. WinZip

WinZip archive manager that is very popular for desktop devices. This application is also very popular on mobile platforms like Android.

The free version of this application is limited to the management of the ZIP archive only. This application can be used as a comfortable file manager. In addition to opening the file with the .zip format, the application also allows you to create or wrap a few files/data into a single .zip format. With this application, file with the .zip format you can open without having to extract it first.

2. RAR

RAR extractor application for Android is next which is also very popular for creating and opening files archive.

RAR for Android works very similar to how WinZip works, namely as a file browser. By using the RAR for Android, you not only can open the file with rar format., files with .zip format can also be opened using this application. In addition, the support of Gothic can also be done for files with different formats such as ARJ, XZ, ISO, 7z, TAR, GZ, bz2 and.

3. AndroZip Manager

AndroZip file manager is equipped with built-in support for extraction of all popular archive format compressed as ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, bzip2.

This application can also create a ZIP archive with a specific focus on encryption (AES-128 or 256 bit AES for added security). The interface is simple and easy to operate.

4. ZAarchiver File Manager

ZArchiver is an application that allows users to create, open and extract the files with various format files on your android device.

This application supports the most popular archive format files dozens for now. Especially for extraction, including popular ones like ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, etc. file management interface is very smooth and clean, easy to understand and use. ZArchiver can also be used to decompress the archive split.

5. BI Archiver ZIP RAR UNZIP

Application of ekstractor last we include in the posting times this is B1 Archiver. This is the application of the Extractor can extract more than 30 different archive formats and can create ZIP file and the original format of B1.

B1 Archiver also has support for extraction of the archive split. This is very similar to ZArhiver, except that the application has a simple interface.


If you are looking for an application to extract a file that is simple and has a good capability, we recommend you use the application ZArchiver. This is because the offered format support is also quite a lot as well as has the ability and a stable kenerja.


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