Free Download Fetlife App For Android

Free Download Fetlife App For Android - FetLife is a social networking site that caters to people who are interested in BDSM, fetishism, and stubbornness. In details FetLife distinguishes itself from various competitors by emphasizing itself as a social network than a dating site. This app is similar to Facebook and MySpace, where each user will be able to create a profile, share comments, videos, photos (as well as on social networking sites in General). But the Media is published to users, but only views views by his friends from FetLife.

For more details on FetLife, you can read this review until it is complete. Because below you will be told how FetLife works, and how when you have become a member of the social media sites.

On FetLife every Member will be able to create a group that will be aimed at anyone who is elected. On FetLife you will find many thousands of groups, and almost all of the group related to the topic. There are many groups devoted to thematic, "answering the question such as “Ask a Mistress”,  “Ask a Submissive”, “Ask a Stripper”,  “Ask a Dominant”, and so on. You can browse groups by way of embodying the words in the title of the group in FetLife Every Member will be able to post an event with, location, dates, fees, dress, and other information. Even you can also hide your location in indivindual, to a specific user, friends etc. When creating events, and on page pristiwa there is a feature that allows other users can determine "will present" or "maybe Attending".

The location may be hidden and only disclose on an individual basis by the owner of the event to the participants. The user, on page events, can show that they "will attend" or "maybe attending".


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