Foreflight For Android, iPhone/iPad

Foreflight For Android - ForeFlight was planning the critically acclaimed aviation, aviation support, and electronic flight bags (EFB ") app for the pilot. Navigation graphics, Internet and in aviation weather, maps, and terrain hazard awareness, wireless connectivity, synchronize and backup data, and more. Built with attention to detail and supported by a team of dedicated, fanatical support, ForeFlight was the best-selling flight app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


Flight planning in an efficient and intuitive, ForeFlight display touch the interactive route planning, editing, and Advisor to the route and altitude that simplify Your Planning by suggesting the best route. Innovative procedures Advisor allows you to visually preview your arrival, departure, and approach procedures on the map.

Foreflight For Android, iPhone/iPad


ForeFlight's File & Brief allows you to file VFR and IFR flight plan from your iPhone or iPad and get a confirmation in seconds. ForeFlight graphic preflight briefing developing Briefing wall of text into the visual presentation, translated and interactive, while providing reliable information the FAA approved pilot is the same relying on to prepare their flight.


ForeFlight's the weather is best in class. Graphic SIGMETs and AIRMETs, winds aloft data globally, and hundreds of weather imagery products provide information about conditions along your route quickly and visually. In flight weather possible through ads-B or XM.

Map layers include:
  • Flight categories.
  • HD NEXRAD composite radar.
  • Visible and IR satellite.
  • Visibility.
  • Lightning.
  • Temp and dew-point spread.
  • Sky coverage.
  • Global winds aloft.
  • Wind conditions.


ForeFlight provides access to our chart and VFR Terminal Area (TAC). United States and Canada VNC/IFR en route charts. area graph and Gulf helicopters and 15,000 u.s and 2,000 Canada instrument procedures.


ForeFlight neatly organized global airport directory that includes more than 25,000 location. See frequency, procedures, runway, weather, and more. Our comprehensive directory of FBO provides fuel, services, leisure, photographs, contact information, and more.


ForeFlight's balance weight & feature allows the pilot to determine whether they are within the boundaries of CG before each flight based on the use of load and fuel and weight. A profile can be created for each fixed wing aircraft and sync all your devices and stored ForeFlight cloud.


ForeFlight's notebook is a logging tool of modern aviation, offers digital logging features for easy and efficient. With automatic entry of the track log, digital signature and instructor support, real-time synchronization across all devices, and automatic backup to the cloud ForeFlight, keep the record book is simple, efficient and safe.


ForeFlight has partnered with Garmin, the Freeflight, Dynon, and others to bring wireless connectivity to your cockpit inflight. Send and receive flight plan from Your installed avionics, or take advantage of GPS, ads-B, or the ability of AHRS.


Reduce clutter, keeping critical security procedures organzied very accessible, and run through your list easily. Here you can choose the plane's built-in ForeFlight POH templates or create and edit custom lists that allow a comparison you can share with your friends, partner or member of the Club.

Subscription Pricing

  • $99.99 annual subscription for ForeFlight Basic Plus.
  • $199.99 annual subscription for ForeFlight Pro Plus.
  • Price includes one geographic area.
  • For new subscribers only; visit for renewals.


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